Total Breakable Wall

[release]This is my total breakable wall.

Simply a wall that breaks like a real wall. Every block is welded to every block touching it and the welds are all very realistick. The blocks breaks when you (shoot/grenade/hit) it enouth times. If you grenade it the wall will just blow up looking realy cool :xd:. When you shoot it with a shot gun you will see a riple in the wall and then shoot it again and it will break in that airear.


(NEW) Youtube video:

put total breakable wall into your. garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_dupliacator

(Don’t moan about my bad spelling I have dyslexia wich means I find it harder to read and right)[/release]

nice, i could see this used for rp building…

When I first made it i only created it just ot mess about with and make bases with that were more realistick so I can blow them up or drive frew the walls :smiley:


If you have a problem with the top and botom walls not breaking please tell me and I can easily fix that. If you do get that problem i mean it please do tell me cos it is way more fun and looks cooler with all of it able to break.

Seems VERY difficult to make. GOOD JOB.

To be honist i made it a very long time ago but have had it in my adv dupe files. I tried to make a newer version yesturday but it has been so long i canot make the welding codes right now. I can still fix and problems or try for a day or two and most likely make newer versions

Pff, that’s nothing. I uploaded something which now has 15000 downloads.

Still im just saying.

And have you seen the front page things like 2473597 downloads each.

I dono why people have rated my wall as dumb because it’s a good idea.

I bet if i added a video of not just picktures you would like it

alex, i think, if it was more large scale, people would admire it more. But a small wall doesnt seem to work.

Try adding like a pack of it.

Maybe a barracade, a house, a large wall, tower, and the basic small wall

Is it just me or is the video laggy as fuck?
If its not maybe it’s just my connection.

Lol, it looks laggy because the video was done in screenshots XD. So I guess technically it’s a stop motion video.

get a video recording program to make a release please.

Who rated me dumb

  1. Yes I am going to make a pack of all kinds of things to do with this.
  2. I am going to download a screen recorder and make a video.
  3. You may request things to be made that are breakable because I have made some none lagging things.

get fraps like had been suggested on your video

Yes i have heard abit about fraps so that will be my first choice.

Im going to download a different game recorder cos i don’t want to pay for a game recorder.

(I will search the web for a free one insted)

Fraps is free… but you get a small watermark on the top of the video. Buying it removes that.

And really, stop complaining about the smallness of the wall guys! If you want a bigger wall, just use your brain, and keep placing it to make it bigger… So like, one on top of the other, and next to each other… Really… It’s not hard.

I have made the video and done editing to it now and will be uploading it to youtube then making links right now.


The new video link is :bang: up so you don’t gp nuts waiting

:siren:I have started on my new pack and the news about it is.:siren:

  1. I have re made wall making is 100% less laggy by changing the welds.
  2. I have made a sand bags baracade even less laggy than the new wall.
  3. I would like it very much is Somone would give me some ideas for the new pack.

Sadly there is no release date yet but it will be out befor christmas. Lol

There may even be a christmas pack but that will be after this new pack.