Total hours/time in source sdk.

i’d love to know peoples time in source sdk/hammer

Im 812 hours, you?

812 and no good maps

Heh I’m just kidding I have no idea of your work.

465.9 hrs since February 19th

A very large undisclosed amount.
But most of it was just leaving sdk open, not actually using it


754.9 hours, in other words, far too long.

823.5 hours

559.1 hours
I expected more… Oh well

800.2 hours. I’ve left it open overnight and whilst not even home alot though, so there is probably over 200+ hours I wasn’t even using it.
33.341666666666666666666666666667 days.

182.1 hours or 7.5875 days. Not enough :frowning:

Source SDK
46.8 hrs (two weeks)
709.7 hrs (all together)

Oh no you didn’t. I have made 2 worthy maps. Rest is practice/l4d maps (Pre l4d editor)

382.1 hrs
Still trying to finish up my first release :geno:

Show me. I need some new content to play with friends on.

193… I thought it was more…


I’ve been using it since before it knew how to monitor. :v:

5.9 hrs / 67.5 hrs


I don’t use it as much as I’d like to.

My total time says 1361.1 hrs I think they reset it every year.

Something like 1300 hours