Total PVP + Invading Home Bolt Action Kill Epic 175 m Niceee

***good night guys I’m here to share my video before any discomfort I would say that the language of the video is Portuguese!

accompany invading home***

I lasted 6 minutes watching this and it was painful. You don’t know how to loot and u shoot your own team. Just awful. Also that server is admin abused to hell, look at the 50 airdrops at once. Items have no value with that going on.

as I said the server was not full PvP survival of PvP servers are full of loot anyway and like you said are devalued even
sorry, I’ll be bringing PvP server for survival

Full PvP server is not much fun as our friend Eunson said items are devalued but enjoyed the kill bolt action 175 M Like

Ok thanks the like

available’re here to help your clan speak English?

no speak english sorry --’

would add me on steam or pass the ip of the server?

add me steam fenixgamer3

I remember when that server was argentian, and then brazilans came.

yes server is very good