Total Terry Island - Gamemode Concept

Total Terry Island


Currently in conceptual/idea stage. Compete in lots of competitions, work with your team and at the end collect the win. Collect point to climb to top of leaderboard of the game. Inspired by Total Drama Island, Minecraft Champioships and Fall Guys. Art style will be cartoony.


At the beginning of the game, when everyone is ready, you will be split into two teams. You need to compete in games to collect points to be safe. When you lose competition you get bringed to vote area, where you need to choose person to kick out. When there are certain amount of people left, teams are joined together and from now on, you’re on your own. When only two people are left, there is final competition(which I don’t have planed as of writing this).


  • many different competitions(parkour, survival and more)
  • clothing system(locker where you change clothing)
  • spray system(including custom player ones)
  • custom chat emojis(if S&box enebles this)


Plan for modding in this gamemode is that, you make map where you make your competitions. Competitions are defined in map using entities that connect to the gamemode code. There will be main map, where main competitions will be used. They will be programmed inside the gamemode code. Also there will be basic game entities that you will be able to connect to make your simple gamemodes inside your map. If S&box will allow for it, you will be allowed to code custom gamemode. That’s just a plan and I don’t know if I’m able to make this reality, but I will try.


Bear with me… It’s not some sort of battle pass or subscription to play. My idea is that you can pay idk 1$ or something yearly. With this subscription you will get some features. Maybe custom player sprays or additional clothing, besides S&box default one. Monetizing S&box assets wouldn’t be cool. Money from subscription would be for eventual team to pay them. Additionally I thought about giving subscription to contributors. Contributors that adds or fixes something. But that’s just idea and I have mixed feelings about it.

Closing note:

This gamemode is a concept I was thinking about for some time and I have idea fleshed out in my head, mostly. If you want to help out or join the team, there is no team for now and I think this will stay that way. If eventually development starts I want to start alone. Yea, maybe that sounds dumb, but that’s just how I feel.


love this idea ^^ keep sharing your ideas

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