Total War: Rome 2 tree models?

Was wondering if anyone has this game, the mod toolkit, and an ounce of competence to use the toolkit to extract models from this game.

Basically I’m looking for the pine trees,

and some of the more generic trees,


basically, if it grows if you can send to me in a format like fbx, obj, dae, or even max I’d be appreciative (textures too plz)


Hope no one minds this last bump. Getting these models would be really really nice.

Well i have the game, i might look around for the models, they do look really nice though.

You should be able to export models with the assembly kit.

It’s a shame those are bullshots, I never remembered the final product having trees that detailed

I wonder if i can get the models for the city buildings or other models. Jesus that will help with my SFM projects.

Oh yeah Stiffy, if you want me to, i can put the links of the extracted models onto facepunch. I dont know how to port to SFM though. And i still have a license for 3ds max and maya.

I can help you with the buildings. add me on steam

So I know it’s been ages; but I’d still love to extract tree models from Total War: Rome 2. I only found stumps. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Especially the winter snow covered versions.