Total War: SHOGUN 2 Ragdolls/Models/Ships

Yessir, unless this has been done. I plan on making a nice pack of Total War: SHOGUN 2 FotS, RotS, and Base-Game Models, Weapons, Ships, and Ragdolls. Hopefully it can be done. I am going to begin exporting the models, and will get to work immediately. Hopefully getting to you with the first pack, FotS within the next few days! I plan on taking requests. What would you like to see first? I will immediately assume Ragdolls… but what Clan would you like to see first (The Satsuma? The Choshu? The Aizu?), or would you rather see a Foreign Power? In the rare case that you want to see vehicles first. What ship would you like to see, what class, what type? (Copper, Iron, Wooden). I will also need some assistance with this, I am COMPLETELY new to making models for Garry’s Mod, and any assistance would be BEYOND appreciated. (I mainly need help with Faceposing, and Bodygrouping.) This may-or-may not be implemented to the Steam Workshop. Sadly, I am not taking requests on which Expansion Pack to work on. I am focusing on Fall of the Samurai first, Shogun 2 next, and Rise of the Samurai last.

I can’t wait! Ragdolls first!

This will be great!

Boy, This will be fun!

Sorry about how long it is taking, I still need some help with a handful of thing prior to starting; and it is taking a while to convert what I need to a use-able format. Do not feel afraid to request anything specific other than ragdolls, if I can do it my intent is to do it.