Totalbiscuit - WTF is... - Rust ?

THIS IS A PARODY. This was not made by Totalbiscuit.
The audio is from this video :

its not totalbiscute channel.

God that guy is a total idiot. I watched the video for 30 seconds and I already hate that guy. There are horse games for carebears like him.


listen to his death sign when hes dead at 3:03

gg wp.

I’m pretty sure Rust is much better than WarZ, which is what the audio is from. the real video
listen to this and then to his video and see.

(User was banned for this post ("Macro shit" - Autumn))

Didn’t think he would make a video more negative than the one on Ace of Spades.


10/10, OP

this is so, not right at all its just the warz review but with the game rust pasted over it

And yet it’s just crazy how it fit perfectly with the gameplay !
2:55 wasn’t even planned, it really happened when I respawned

Fooled me. Well played op, well played.

What an awful dude, i don’t even think he know how to review a game. Complete idit in my eyes!
(The game is in “PRE” fuc
*** alpha) what the heck did was hes expectations? What a reta*d… really… I think he expected something like GTA V or something, hes horriable.

it’s funny how the commentary is still 100% accurate

It’s a joke. It isn’t the real guy, and the audio was taken from TotalBiscuit’s The WarZ video.

you’re so right, what a total idit, only retads complain about a “PRE” fuc alpha
you should get your keyboard checked out though it looks like half your keys just make asterisks

are you guys serious, this is just the audio from his WarZ video dubbed over rust gameplay

This audio is from a “WARZ” video, Infestation: zombie stories. I f you dont belive me , listen by 2:00… menu music is from infestation.

Just noticed 7:07

I’ll fix the issues with death sounds and reupload so it’s perfect :quagmire:

did you just censor the word “retard”…

This video made ​​me spend $112.54. Now i a have key. Thanks to op and TB. Good bye RL :rock: