Touch the fire + [Bonus pic]

Touch the fire

i’m looking at you through the glass

Wow. That second pic is veeeeery kewl.

Damn the reflection in the goggles is epic


but ew low-res mask


and Stone Sour amirite?


not really that song just poped in my head when I was doing the pic

The reflection is very good, but your explosions still look pretty bad. They should be less sparky and blood-brush like.

awesome reflections

Reflection made with Photoshop filter plugin? :wink: Because i have it too.

First one reminds me of that one scene in the movie “*Sunshine *”

At about 1:34 onwards.
Nice editing in the second picture, looks kickass.

First one doesn’t look that great imo.

second one is damn good.

Damn the reflection is nice.

Second one is awesome and great, first one is just good

Ah, I wish that second one was the correct size for a wallpaper so it doesn’t get all strechy and stuff.

No I just did it with three picuters.

It is the right size for a wallpaper it’s just that photobucket like’s to resize everything


Love the second one.

second one is better by far

That was an awesome film.

I prefer the second one as the reflection is cool.

The second one reminds me of the cover of Command and Conquer: Tiberium Dawn.