Toughts on distinguishing groups

Hey everyone been playing rust for a while I haven’t been very active on the forums but I’ve had some thoughts about the game I might start posting more ideas.

Anyways my thought was a customizable banner players could wear like a sling around their chest or maybe an armband, headband, etc…

The idea would be a group could make these with cloth/leather with different colours or symbols. and it would be an optional thing to wear you could put them on or take them off itd be an item in your inventory you could move onto a wearable slot.

Now the part i think would be interesting would be to allow players to collect these banners from players they killed if they had them on them while they got killed, basically loot them. This could allow you to impersonate people from different groups and maybe get a little closer or add that element of doubt maybe while approaching someone. I don’t particularly like the idea of making them permanent or indestructible so maybe they’d have durability and be unrepairable therefore you couldn’t run around with someone’s banner forever unless you kept killing people from that group and constantly pick up their banners.

This would help large groups identify each other when roaming in packs while also keeping the paranoia of an imposter.

So yea, that’s the basic idea. Feel free to leave your comments, likes, dislikes or thoughts on maybe altering this idea for the better.

If you guys think it sucks feel free to tell me too hahaha


I’ve pondered this sort of thing before, and I generally approve of the idea, it’s a lot less straightforward than the faction mods where you can put a bullet in everyone you see because it’ll tell you they’re friendly if they’re a member of your faction.

Players should be able to produce dyes and use them to dye clothes and armour with the colour they want. Each group can develope their own colour scheme to distinguish themselves from others.

then the other players who are not on the group should be unable to make / wear those same colours otherwise effectively it wouldn’t change a thing.

Well I think allowing other groups that possibility to copy colors is cool and adds more strategy to the game. If everyone is wearing the same stuff both groups will be confused and both will be open for a flank attack.

another note : this is said like everyday on rust forums. everyday a new thread is created asking for a banner/dyes/ team colors.