Tour de France

That guy on the ground must be Lance Armstrong’s career.

u know hauptmann, while i like your content, you should consider saving up a few pics and do threads when u have three or maybe four ones to post, so you dont have to put up so many of 'em

That’s what I’ll do then, I don’t really like how I am flooding the section but never thought of doing that.

Oh yes, the best song from Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter.

Did you set shadows correctly? They look very pixelated/jaggy. Look at the first guy on the left and the face that the rifle casts on his face. It’s a series of diagonal cubes. I think you should increase your r_flashlightdepthres to like 4096 I think. It might be something else though. Here, make sure your settings are well modified:

I have “r_flashlightdepthres” set to 8192 and “r_projectedtextyrefilter” to 0.03, I can’t do more than that.