Tour of GMOD Theatre

This is a video I made a while ago.

I made it just to promote the server and help people out who don’t know what to do, Ive decided to upload it on here as it might be helpful


After Re-watching the video, ive noticed its quite dark… Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty awesome, especially being ale to just put in a link from YouTube.

You definitely need more lights, especially in the VIP area.

I did not make this, I am just promoting it, although I do agree with you

Nice work, except for the MLP video.

At 4:52 I can hear someone saying “I’m in Theater 2 and I’m already getting pretty sick of this shit!”

(braces for inevitable boxes)

(doesn’t give a fuck bout’ haters)

Basically Garry’s Mod Tower but with YouTube?

Aye, pretty much, its kinda fun though. Great way to discover funny new series and laugh with a few random people.

If only it was still up, I’m fed up with the boringness in GMT

yeah… Gmod multiplayer used to have a higher standard… WTF happened?

Where can I find this map?

Yeah, I want a download, if I ran it in singleplayer could I go into the VIP area, and would vidoes still work?

Just because someone doesn’t consider your opnion doesn’t mean you should do the same.

I accept the opinion that some people are not fans of the show, and I am fine with that. I will not try to force anybody to watch it or like it, if everybody was the same and liked the same things, the world would be very bland and uninteresting. However I simply for the purposes of reaction and stating my own opinion, felt to use that particular image because I found it amusing and fitting. Because this is an online forum and to me it is simply a means of wasting time when I can’t get to sleep at 2:00am in the morning. Therefore I simply do whatever I damn-well-please while here, because quite honestly in the grand scheme of things in my life, facepunch and all the other people who browse it, are not of any significance to me and are not really important in any way.

Instead of arguing about magical talking glue pots why don’t we concentrate on what the OP is trying to show us.

I think the theater is really cool, I’d play some loud music or some Youtube poop videos that really dial up the ear rape.

So you copied an idea gmodtower and its rather obvious you have because you called it a theatre when there is nothing theatre about it. You have made a cinema. In the end the only thing that has ever come out of multiplayer youtube is shit troll videos and rickroll.


Oh god, I haven’t laughed liked this in a while. And after many other videos, such as this one, I am determined to get GMOD.


I didn’t really find that funny.