Tourists fight off zombies in a Japaneese club

With some help from the local underground militia, of course.
I had a lot of fun working on this one. Took about four hours. Two for posing, two for editing.
And is it just me or do the L4D ragdolls lag like mother of hell when they’re in motion? I would have way more zombies, but it was just too laggy. I’m not so happy with the final result. It was so spread out I couldn’t get a good shot of everything in place as it was. Eh.

Here’s an unedited shot of the room.

It’s not my best work, but for some reason I REALLY like it.

I have the same issue with the zombies

hobo has a new computer?

today was a good day


I got this thing Christmas day. went on vacation in May for a week. Get back, my computer’s broken. :I

Wait two months for it to get fixed. It gets back the DAY I went on ANOTHER vacation. :I

A week later, here I am.

That chick’s face scares me.

Me too.