Tower Camping Nerf..

Tower camping is and should be part of the game. It controls territory and makes everybody a little nervous while they are out farming.

I was thinking more in the context of tower camping a large monument for people farming bp frags, and thinking of some ways to make the tower camper have some consequences while adding incentive for people to fight back at tower campers.

What about adding random weapon despawn? Meaning that occasionally when you die and drop your weapon it instantly despawns?

I think it would give more incentive to fight back at the tower campers with the possibility they would occasionally lose a nice bolt with a 4x on it, and would feel the loss of 80 HQM.

I wonder if you could add in some random weapon despawn when you are in the proximity of your sleeping bag, in conjunction with some variance in despawn times, to prevent tower campers from always getting their weapon back, while still allowing raiders to pick up the weapons of their fellow raiders (because we dont want Online raiding nerfed more than it already is).

Just some random thoughts feel free to chime in.

Dont get me wrong but i think this idea is just very bad, Imagine youre being raided you get killed and poof youre weapon despawned, Next Situation you set a combat bag for a friend he has weapon gets killed in the proximity of the bag poof weapon despawned.
This will screw the attacker trying to get weapons, and the defender who hoped to get it back.

My Solution would be make the weapon like prop in cs go you can move weapons by shooting them make it the same in rust maybe you can even destroyed with that, but that would be an idea i was in a lot of situations where i killed someone on a roof and saw his weapon lieng on edge.

This is how i would approach this, but this is as random as youre idea is.

Raiders don’t need the advantage of respawning outside your base and getting to keep their gear while defenders chance losing theirs. Zerging is already annoying enough.

Are you worried that online raider defenders will have it too tough? That is a pretty rare opinion around here.

And if you are getting raided, won’t you have access to plenty of weapons anyway?

Also, the auto-despawn is random, meaning it won’t happen every time.

Right now some people are afraid to leave their house with weapons for fear of losing it. I would like to bring a little bit of that fear of losing the weapon to tower campers.

Right now, if you tower camp, you lose nothing. Get killed, respawn back in, pick up your weapon, and keep at it. Virtually no penalty & one-sided risk.

1 sleeping bag/bed would be nice

You have identified the problem but not sure about the solution. They could get creative like making each dungeon very hot and having that heat wave distortion from a distance. So it would be much harder to see into the dungeons while tower camping. But yes tower campers can really blow.

The old school solution for tower campers was to grief their base but the tool cupboard took that option away.

Good point Rally. I am not sure you could code or even justify a random despawn only for tower campers and not everyone else. The bag/bed timer proximity has helped some, but that is more of an inconvenience for a camper, and not a penalty, nor an incentive for people to shoot at the tower camper.

I think it would just be nice for that camper to lose his pretty little bolt occasionally. Right now, even if you kill him, it is a small inconvenience. An instant respawn or two with a bed/bag, and he is right back at it. Even putting them on a timer isn’t much revenge.

And you can’t waste your precious rockets on a tower camper just for revenge. I mean some filthy rich players may, but most of us value our explosives as a premium.

Rust has the right idea with nodes and bp frags (for the moment that is) which is to get people out of their houses and into danger.

Tower campers have just the opposite, the benefits of action plus the comforts of home. And when you combine this with a monument I think you need to look at changing some game mechanics.

As I said earlier, tower camping is and should be part of the game. It brings the danger to those on the ground. Just need a way to point a little bit of this back at the Tower Campers themselves.

Some homework is definitely in order. Not only is that opinion not rare, zerg raiding is the entire reason why a cooldown timer and radius were added to sleeping bags. The only reason you hear more bitching about tower camping is because it’s newer.

The Dev’s have the means to do what he’s asking without applying it to compound defense. A simple check to see if one is in the zone of control for a monument when they are killed, and then handle it how ever they wish.

Maybe a weapon that is cheap but can cause a lot of damage. A trebuchet or a catapult that can throw a variety of items…hot pitch/oil, metal frags (shrapnel), that sort of thing.