Tower Defence Gamemodes?

I was wondering, is anyone making a public release of one of these TD gamemodes?

Tower Defence is really popular in Warcraft 3, it’s kinda where it made it’s name (Sorry starcraft fans!)

Surely someone out of 5 project (That’s ruffly how many ive seen pop up on here) will be public? It would be nice to start seeing more Tower Defence servers pop up with different Themes and maps, instead of keeping it private and nothing really happening with it.

If too many servers with the same game come out it saturates it and then it loses its appeal very fast. Like roleplay for example.

Not really, look at Warcraft 3, TD’s saturate that, and it’s just fine, as long as the TD’s are kept interesting, custom maps, towers and content.

Emz is somewhat correct. If people release a good TD, or other private gamemodes, the population spreads out over many servers, and you often lose the player concentration that makes the gamemode itself fun. Plus the server doesn’t get money, and people love cash.

Eh I dunno about releasing them, but I would enjoy seeing more private ones. TF2 TD and TYE’s game are pretty fun, and I’m sure people could some up with something creative if they were to try.