Tower Defense V1.0

Tower Defense has now come to Gmod.

Left Click = Makes a tower + upgrade (Note: Upgrade only works for “Ammo turret”)
Q = Tower menus
Right Click = Delete Tower
F3 =makes the round start
R =reloads towers (buged)

Known Bugs:
-After next map the Q menu might mess up.
-Reloading the towers might not work.
-Om map “td_hallways5” on the level with the crawling zombies they get stuck at the end.
-Upgrading every tower but the ammo tower will not work.


SinglePlayer: Fun but can be hard after a while.

Multiplayer: Try and get a server with 6-10 slots if more than 10 people the gamemode will be too easy.

Also I am new to FP :smiley:
So I don’t know if I posted where it is supposed to be posted.

On you said you were putting up a server, can you post the ip so we can connect?

Yes as soon as I am done setting the server up!

I’ve still got to install gmod back, lost it after formatting to go from XP to 7.

The ripped screenshot from Defense Grid doesn’t make this seem too appealing…

But I’m a sucker for TD games.

Yeah im looking at one of the maps looks fun But, IP isnt working for me

Yes the server is having troubles right now. Try like every 10 min.

This’d be an awesome Fretta gamemode I think.

Installing a few more things and coming back to it, looks promising.

Hm, what key makes the towers upgrade? Sorry, I’m feeling dumb for asking, but I’ve got my binds moved around.

I’ve tried to install this on my server and the gamemode isn’t usable. It won’t appear in the ulx gamemode list and it won’t go manually. I’ve tried extracting everything into the main garrysmod directory or just keeping it all in the download folder in the gamemodes folder. Both produce the same result. How do?

Make sure you execute the gamemode “td2_game” NOT “td2_gamebase” and it has some bugs since it was released just me some time to fix all of the bugs.

And i forgot to update the FP with the new Info

Left Click = Makes a tower + upgrade (Note: Upgrade only works for “Ammo turret”)
Q = Tower menus
Right Click = Delete Tower
F3 =makes the round start
R =reloads towers (buged)

Seems to be impossible to upgrade any tower other than the ammo ones.

You just click them again to upgrade…that is if it worked.

The game is currently riddled with numerous bugs, such as the sniper towers malfunctioning after some time, most towers being unupgradable, ammo-reloaders being useless, and towers being unable to be sold- other than the (useless)ammo reloaders.

This combination of bugs makes the game impossible at wave 25, as even with a full set of the most useful and powerful towers (shotgun + freeze/paralysis), you can only deal around half the bosses’ health. If those bugs were fixed, the game would be great.

As I said before you posted that I will be updating the gamemode soon.

Well if you want to be picky about it you edited that information in a minute after I posted. :v:

But I’m looking forward to whatever revisions you’ve made to it.

This looks ALOT like GMod TD (Made by ThomasFN and Bekka)… Which is cool enough.


It IS originally from ThomasFN!

You seem to be missing a certain credits section. There’s quite a nice one in this thread.

so I’m guessing this means sneaky is just a twelve year old who stole the gamemode?

I remember thomasFN releasing this some times ago unless the OP is a leet haxor and stole it from him.

^ What dis.

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rate me clocks
and dumb for bumping this

Did he “steal” the gamemode?

If so, his name fits.