Towering pillar of some of my videos

Well, what I should say so early? I’m one of those users of this game, and like many others, I do videos of him. But unlike most people, try to make them a little better, since most of the videos on this game that I see out there are daily uploaded a real shit. Well, and why I say that? Nobody has good judge my videos yet. Is that the reason why I believe this topic to share some of my videos, and ask your opinion.

Well, my videos are meaningless. I try to do them well, but I do not do “great stories” and “videos epically long” is not really my style. I usually make short films about 30 seconds - 1 minute. "Easy to do? Nope, have the same work as those videos of 5 minutes so poorly made, but certainly seem a lot better, because instead of using video clips, I use images. Thus, in a video, I can get to easily use 300 images for 40 goddamn seconds.

Now, I’ll stop writing bullshit, and let some of my videos. Some characters of them are … Absurd, I know. Most people puts famous characters in his videos (as Painis Cupcake or Vaginner), but I think someone really creative creates characters for his videos. Also needless to say that in my videos, people die for reasons obviously absurd. What to expect from a random video?

(Some “X is Y” video)

(A special Halloween video very original)

(One of my first videos using one of my own characters, the Stupid-Heavy-Charger)

(Another silly video with L4D characters)

(Some parody of L4D2 ussing the Heavy-Charger)

(A 2D-Cow and a Stupid Gordon Freeman kills some Spy with Rickroll’d)

(No-sense video about a Scout, a Heavy-Charger, and “Franshass”)

(A parody about that old “Rayman” videos about that silly Rabbits)

Also, I have other videos … But they are in Spanish (I am Spanish, after all), I’m sorry, most understand not what they say.

(One of my characters annihilates a follower to respond to a message)


Well, what do you think? Remember that constructive criticism helps more than a handful of words with no sense.

I’m liking these vids! Very nice. Simple but still done well compared to some stuff around here.

Sorry man, but I just didn’t find any of those funny. They just felt the same as everyone elses videos that are put out now. Felt like I have seen this a hundred times before… I found the humor in it not to be very humorous, the face posing did nothing for me.

Comments like those are what I want. things that tell me what to improve to make better videos. Any other helpful suggestions?

Thanks for your opinion. Many people do not usually appreciate this kind of work frame by frame, and instead, he likes other videos with horrible lag, poor quality, repetitive, and everyone at Gm_Construct. That just make me rage a lot.

Yeah some other tips:

  • Work on face posing
  • Work on lip syncing
  • I noticed in one of your videos, the steam friends pop up came up. So next time log off of friends.
  • I do think you need some more original and interesting ideas. Cause most of them were boring.