Town idea for Rust

I’ve been considering starting my own group lately, I’d like to set up a town with many housing units for people to live in, people with great combat skills to join and protect the town, as well as people who are on Rust for long periods of time to keep surveillance of the town. People living in these units would of course have to contribute to the development of the town. It would help people who are starting out and aren’t even able to set up a shelter as well as people who are tired of dwelling alone. There will be some rules that will be enforced, as well as denying entry or ridding of known people in Rust who don’t have very good reputations. An economy can also be set up with trading, renting rooms, etc. I would need as much help in order to get this up and running. Please post your thoughts on whether I should get this project up and going or if I should just scrap the whole idea.

community run towns would be a hella fun idea.

like pre made citys like what we currently have but non radiated with rooms which just need doors added to be used. only big teams could hold them and then they will be known by the community as bandit towns or ally towns. make them super easy to defend so even a big raid has trouble by adding scout towers and such.

i think landmarks which can be captured and built on would be cool for when we have thousands of players. a completely player run economy and landscape.

How is this an idea you can already go ahead and do it.

I should of worded the title better haha

No, my bad, I didn’t really read the OP the way you intended.

Any feedback would be appreciated

Also if any people would like to help me, privately message me

It’s kind of similar to what Ophidon did (>1 month) ago.
The town kind of dies out as the inhabitants get bored and quit playing rust (as in the case of our village). Our village was pretty big and fun. The only other competitors were the jesters but I don’t even know if those guys are still around.

If i was still active I’d help you out but I’m on maybe 1-2 hours every few days.

That’s definitely one of the things you have to tackle as a town leader. You have to keep the town safe and secure but at the same time keep it exciting so your town doesn’t get bored. Even if you’re not on the whole time you could still help every now and then and live in the town.

I really like that Idea.
Im pretty new to Rust and still playing as a friendly player (playception).
So it sounds like a funny idea, if you still search Player then just send me a PM or so.

Are you playing on your own?

Currently I am (if i could play, already connected to server meh) but well it is boring alone :slight_smile:

Why not make 2 towns? East vs. West.

Players choose who they want to fight for. Another idea would be to have a valley in the wilderness outside ressie spawn that is setup for “WARGAMES” between the two towns… maybe have a box of 556 ammo as prize or something like that (example only)? good way to test base strengths and weaknesses etc… interested Titsboy/community?


It’s not a bad idea, but not really what I had in mind haha

This town, if made, will fall into ruin as soon as one person sees a good amount of loot. At first things in the town will seem fine but after a few base raids one of your ‘mates’ will go rogue and take the loot for himself before fleeing into the night. So, wheres the town at?

Thanks for the feedback, I’m still looking to see if enough people would want to join. What loot are you referring to?

LOOT. Anything of value that is to be collected by anyone. Bullets, guns, wood, powder, chicken, etc.

I know what loot is lol. I meant to say if it was either the loot collected or simply the loot someone living in a unit owns.

town idea.

soon groups of spawnkillers now have a place to hide thanks to fucking gullible assholes.

i can see the chat room now



spawnkiller: stop whining you little bitches and get over it."

Sorry, what are you trying to get at here?