Townsend Or Apocalypse

Which is better for a 25 slot server. I will indefinatly be using Dark RP becuase of the ability to build.


I hate it when I can’t rate people dumb when I want to. Rate me dumb people so i can feel a little better.

Anyways I suggest apocalypse because Dark RP will invevitably turn into that anyways.

gm_construct… OR! gm_flatgrass! Imagine an apocalypse where every single thing has turned into a perectly level patch of grass perfecly trimed and all there is is one rectengular slab where all the people apear! screams

Apoclaypse is huge and many people don’t run it, if not at all.
My server uses townsend and it’s pretty good, so I would suggest that.

Neither is better for a 25 slot server. What makes a difference is the type of RP you want to run.

If you want the City life RP, go for Townsend. However, if you want some sort of Apocalyptic RP, choose Apocalypse.

Yeah, but me and the other owner and arguing about which one, I want townsend and he wants Apocalypse <_>

Slap him and say, “RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!!”