Toxic Dreams Teaser

A Short I plan to make, this was also a test of source recorder, but I turned it into a teaser with some quick work.

Also i found the reason for lag in sony vegas, shitty avi files from wegame, so no more wegame, more source recorder.

I told you Source recorder was the way to go! :smiley:

I don’t get it. The helicopter seemed off-The guy in it was still in the sitting position when he was falling and when the main body collides with a building, it spazes out.

Please let there be no suicide and have minimal npc fights-Change it up a bit.

I also wanted to add that the video looks pixely. Are you stretching it out? Because it also seems off. Stick with 720p and make it look nice. I bet no one cares if it is 720p or 1080p.

I cant control the Source engine physics.
Nor can I control the map, the pixel sort of look is from the textures that were used in the map.
1080p looks better, i was just testing how it look.
There is no polite reply to your other comment.


Oh I see now what you mean by “pixely” I think it may be the filter.