"Toxic gas....lovely idea" Spy escaping


Looks cool

is gut


Very nice idea! Everything is prutty good looking. A+

The cigarette looks kinda… strange? Misplaced? Something like that^^

But except for that little something the picture looks very nice

nice,but spy’s gasmask is too yellow,sry for my bad english.

nothing wrong with that sentence

nice idea and execution

Cool stuff Hunter. Smoke looks like a gradient placed over the image, it has no depth and it is very uniform. Posing is solid on the Spy, and looks good on the Engineer. I know that the cigarette is fixed in place and you can’t move it, so I’ll let it slide.

Yay! Awesome!

Cool idea.

well, I suppose “spy” could use an article (a “the” before it), but yes, his sentence was almost perfect.

The pyro mask looks angry, did you do that on purpose or is it just the angle?

Angle, but it fits :3:

Brilliant idea.

Could I have the original by any chance?

There you are.

nice but it looks like you just used a gradient for the gas
picture is to notch, i like it


I’m still getting to grips with Gimp, I used to use Photoshop.

He’s smoking a cigarette through his gasmask. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of smoking if it just gets filtered out?