Toxic Servers

Toxic Servers is a fresh community that have just started up! (Note that I’m not the owner) PS: Pictures of fretta and information yak yak yak, will stay as it might change back any time soon.

Two servers are currently up, Fretta and Fallout 3 RP (Possibly changing)

  • (WIP) Fallout 3 RP
  • Radioactive Sandbox
  • The website,

Fretta is a gamemode with tons of sub gamemodes. The gamemode it self isn’t playable, but the gamemodes wroten under Fretta is playable! is currently running Trouble in Terrorist Town, Prop Hunt, Ascension, Dog Fight: Arcade, Bomb Tag, Laser Tag, GarryWare 2 (CURRENTLY BROKEN), Crash 'N Smash, Deathrun and nothing else. I’m open for suggestions, tho!

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a well known gamemode for Fretta. Everyone is terrorists, how crazy is that? There are three teams, innocents, detectives and traitors. Innocents is just gonna be careful and now get killed by traitors. Oh and yeah, they are supposed to kill traitors. Detectives is the ones who is supposed to find out who the traitors are. The detective gets a special menu with special items so he can find the traitors easier. The detective also gets a lot more options when searching/examining bodies. Traitors kinda explains it self. Traitors are supposed to kill every living players on the server except fellow traitors. The traitors gets a special menu as well, where they can buy stuff like C4 and disguising kit.

Prop Hunt is a hide and seek gamemode, but instead of hiding, you hide as a prop! There is two teams in Prop Hunt. The first team is called “The Props”. The Props is the ones who is supposed to hide from the other team. They get the ability to disguise as a prop with the E button. The Props objective is to survive the round time before the hunter finds and kills them. The Hunter, the second team of prop hunt, is supposed to find the props hiding around. The hunters gets two different weapons. The SMG and the shotgun. It’s not enough to just see the props, you gotta shoot them too! Sounds easy, huh? Well, it’s not. If you shoot the wrong props, you’ll lose 5 HP. If you break a prop, you’ll lose 20 HP. If you attack the player controlled prop, you wont lose any HP, and you can kill him.

Ascension is a 2D game where you’re supposed to get to the top. There is a timer on the top of your screen which tells you how long time you got to reach the top of the map. In Ascension, you’re controlling a small character with a giant head. This giant headed guy is supposed to grab boxes that have been spawned around on the map (2 spawn points) and stack them so he can get up. There is four teams on Ascension, and you’re supposed to get up first.

Dog Fight: Arcade is self explained. It’s the classic dog fight! This time, you’re supposed to get fuel for your rocket before the time goes out. You can’t just fly over to the fuel easy like that, you gotta survive the enemies attack. Around the map, there is power ups scattered around. There is stuff like EMP, homing missile, heat seeking missile, and so on. In Dog Fight: Arcade, there is two teams. Red and blue. If the time goes out, and the teams haven’t managed to gather enough fuel for their rocket to lift, the one with most fuel will lift off.

Bomb Tag is a hot-potato game. The ‘Survivors’ (Players) gets a man pusher (gun), while one of the many players on the server receives a ticking bomb! This persons job is to toss this bomb to someone else, before it explodes. Ones who have died, will become a suicide bomber and try to destroy for the survivors.

Laser Tag is a fast paced close quarter combat game where you fight in teams. It’s not like ‘I’m gonna kill you, now go spectate!’ Nope, when someone is shot, they go over to your team. The objective is to get as many people you can get over on your team. Oh, and not to forget, there is POWER UPS!

Deathrun is based on the classic CS:S deathrun gamemode. Now, everyone knows what deathrun is, or what? There is two teams, the ones who are supposed to survive and kill the people safe behind glass, and the guys behind the large glass who can set off traps.

Crash 'N Smash is a gamemode where you’re supposed to break as many props as possible! There is a wall in the middle, so the players can’t just run over and break whatever they can find, they gotta launch each other over as well!

Radioactive Sandbox is partly sandbox, deathmatch and roleplay. You’re given the choice between three factions to spawn as. Exodus, the people who have dedicated them self to science. Exodus gets access to buy more advanced things, like respirators to protect you from radiation. Bandoilers is a faction who contains misfit travelers who is looting the wastelands. They’re given more $$$ when doing a mission, and their prices at the store is cheaper. The W.M.A, the dominant military faction who wants to dominate the wastelands, is given better weapons. All around the wasteland, NPC’s are spawned, and rare other thingies. You can loot and kill other players as well! Since this is partly deathmatch and YAK YAK YAK, it’s still roleplay. So the rules are as following:

> Don’t be a dick and randomly kill someone.
> Please use the local chat when chatting.
> Use /me when doing a action.
> No super badass moves.
> Don’t powergame.

Fallout 3 RP is a roleplaying gamemode. This RP takes place in 2277, when the world have become a radioactive wasteland. China and america have gone on rampage with nukes, ending up with a radioactive wasteland as results. In the world of Fallout, there are tons of creatures around. Mutated creatures with a furious anger. Of course factions have been established, and the two major factions are the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel. Both of them hates each other. The Enclave is the american government, the old one, of course. Whilst the Brotherhood of Steel is a large group with people who wants to know more about the worlds technology. Fallout 3 RP is running the Nexus Scheme.

Fretta server is proudly hosted by:

Fallout 3 RP server is proudly hosted by:

Two different game-server providers? :froggonk:

Obviously Xenon is the best one out of the two.

You work for xenon. Stop.

I’ve used both providers in the past. I would give my vote to Xenon. Disregarding the geographical challenges of my location in the United States, Xenon has better customer support.

It’s not a dedicated server competition, it’s a advert for Toxic Servers

Pictures added to first post.

Bump, new gamemodes added for Fretta server. Fallout 3 RP Script updated.

> Deathrun
> Bomb Tag
> Laser Tag
> Crash 'N Smash
> GarryWare 2 (BROKEN)

Any suggestions for gamemodes or Fallout 3 tweaks? Post below.

I’ll maybe check it out sometime. server details added to first post.


Bump, more gamemodes to fretta & changed back to fretta from temp. sandbox.

Bumping again, so the topic isn’t deleted. Fretta back to sandbox, because the new update requires all the FastDL to be updated, and I’m way to lazy doing that right now.

Stop bumping your own thread, it’ll just make you seem like a retard.
If people are interested, they’ll post.

If you want people to be interested, try running something that nobody else does, or maybe have your RP server run either a gamemode that isn’t that much used, or a storyline that Is not overly used.

But yeah… Don’t bump it.
Especially without any content.

Sorry, temp. sandbox to Radiation Sandbox. There are a few bugs encountered by spawning tho.

When you spawn, you’ll be given the option to choose faction, like always. When done doing that, you’ll spawn in mid air, with the ability to fly. To fix this, fly to radiation, die, re-choose a faction.

Fallout 3 RP launched.