What Rust needs now is toxicity and disease.
Large stores of sulfur, gunpowder, iron, guns, armor, furnace stoking away with ore, the more toxic the base. Productive base = productive toxicity. Place a burden on abundance. This would be inline with the penalties now on large uber bases such as ladders and rockets.

Large groups = rampant disease like AIDS or H1N1.
Make large groups have to work harder to keep their clan safe. Like how hard Solo players have to work to survive. Get rid of the pansies joining large groups to ease their survival or ease their KOs abuse.

I like this idea! The more coal and gas that one is around would require some hygiene cleaning. Entering water of any kind could help, (unless they implement dirty water that must be filtered through one of the water container concepts) and maybe with a high hygiene level the regen rate for hp would increase seeing as wounds would be cleansed.

Maybe even dirt levels in the buildings to where they leave footprints for some time, and a mop and bucket for cleaning!

No. Just no.

I like the idea of pollution indoors via fumes. If you have windows it should reduce the effects substantially. This would also make windows necessary. I’m not to sure if I like the virus ideas. That would make the game frustratingly hard and more of a simulation.

Lmao I can just imagine clans having inner battles of who had sex with who and why their entire group has HIV all of a sudden :’)

that sounds hilarious. and i hope there are some new hats, some gas mask, to be able to tolerate the toxic environment. kinda like a new “radiation effect” but instead it would be “toxic effect” and it would emanate from furnace and chests if they have large amount of sulfur and coal in it. i can only imagine the group of geared players getting out of the furnace room with their mask on, having to go to another “changing room” to get their armored on. Kinda like now my group used to have a 1x1 changing room where we stored our hazmat suit near radtown.

Edit: the hazmat suit would do, i’m stupid.