ToxinTractor - Converted from C&C Generals


* v1.0 - initial release

**- Vehicles tab (WITHOUT turret and toxic)
- Entitys tab (WITH turret and toxic)**

Here is my second converted vehicle from Command and Conquer Generals:
(Ignore the speedgauge at the screenshot, it doesn’t belong to this addon.)

If you spawn this vehicle at entittys tab, it will have Health too, so you can destroy it.

You can change some settings, open this file:

Have fun with this addon! :slight_smile:

nice does it damage?

Never Played C&C Generals, but I’m geussing it’s some sort of attack vehicle. Looks cool anyways

Yea sure it makes damage. :smiley:

Just a tip, don’t use imageshack anymore. I don’t know about anyone else but whenever I click on a thumnail I get pop ups and no image, and when I do get an image it’s low res so I click to make it bigger and it goes to a new page of ads. Just a thought.

Hmm looks good, but your particle damage system needs re-thinking, because right now every single client is sending the server information about all the particles and dealing damage, it’s also very exploitable.


I’ll write you up a new effect tomorow but you don’t have to use it.

Awesome Really good what you gonna do next hope it’s the overload that would be godlike.

Yea I really need another damage system, and that’s true about that exploit :smiley: but I had really no other idea.

Pretty nice, I’ll be sure to test it out though.

we really need a CNC Generals Game mode :ahaw:

I’ll make a video soon if you want it.

Awesome. Glad to see you got it released!!!


Yes please! :slight_smile:

Say thanks to xystus because without him I wouldn’t even create a toxin tractor :smiley:

Can you convert the motorbike ?

“Hehe, aged to perfection!”
“Potency guaranteed!”
“Would you like to try some?”
And my favorite; “come run through the sprinklers!”

Quotes aside does this vehicle have the sprinkler capability where it sprays toxins in a 360 circle around itself as long as it stays still? Or do you plan to add that feature?

** Come and Get it! **

Might be some delay on that effect i promised you, but i’ll have it soon, sorry.

You’re welcome… although I’m not really sure what I did exactly… :stuck_out_tongue:

You have requested the tractor and gave me some good ideas.

No prob. :slight_smile: