ToxSin - "A Happy Customer Is A Dead One"

Does anyone remember ReDead? That thing was a disaster in terms of code. It used prop_ragdolls for every corpse spawned, and in general was just horribly networked. It was fun though!

I’ve gone and taken Radioactive Sandbox and modified it to be the next generation of ReDead (with its own SVN repo of course - Radbox will stay the same).

I just finished making the new zombie NPC. The code is efficient as ever now, so i imagine i’ll be able to spawn even more with less stress on the server.

The name of my gamemode is still a work in progress… I’m not sure if i like ToxSin. The name of the mercenary team that the player spawns on is called S.I.N, i may end up changing that too. Note that you’re not a civilian in this, you’re a mercenary. Which fits the theme better i think.

Possible new names for the game (feel free to offer names or tell me which ones you like):

[ul][li]Club D.E.A.D
[/li][li]ReDead ReBorn
[/li][li]ReDead 2
[/li][li]House Of 1000 Corys[/ul]
Other notes about what i intend to add:

[ul][li]The buy menu is more or less the same. I’m going to link it to F2, and you can only use it outdoors. Instead of instantly getting a weapon when you buy it, a crate will be airdropped to you in 20 seconds.
[/li][li]The inventory is the same as the one from Radbox.
[/li][li]The NPCs will be more or less the same. Player zombies will have a choice of 3 classes.
[/li][li]3 player classes for the army: The Specialist, The Scout and The Commando. Specialist has access to unique tools and weapons, Scout has increased stamina regeneration and Commando has increased damage resistance.

Things i could use community input on:

[ul][li]I’ve scrapped the whole “antidote” thing from ReDead. So i probably need to think of a new gameplay element to keep players moving around the map or else it will turn into a campfest. One idea i had was to make a zombified scientist (like the hazmat zombies in L4D) that spawns and wanders around the map. Players have to kill them, fetch an important item they drop, and return that item for mega points.
[/li][li]Should i keep the loots + stashes system that i had in radbox? Seems to not fit the theme of this, but hey what do i know.
[/li][li]Should i come up with a way for players to earn points/cash without getting kills?[/ul]
Stay tuned for more updates.

The Garry’s Mod community sure has zombie fever :E

Its because zombies are awesome.

Great looking models for zombies.
Are you going to make sandbox versions of the zombies by the way?
Like the old version of Redead zombies.

Looks good, this will be fun! And thanks for reviving ReDead. :slight_smile:

Name it house of 1000 Corys. I remember ReDead, loved it.


I don’t think i understand what the concept is behind this gamemode (google did not aid sufficiently). Explaination?

Kill zombies, get money, buy weapons, wash rinse repeat.

Looking forward to it, I liked where redead was trying to go.

Make “stores” that you have to go to to buy weapons and stuff scattered around the map.
Like the melee store is in one spot, the pistol store in another, etc.
Then people will camp less.

I’ve got an even cooler system put in place. I decided to bring back infection, although it’s considerably more gimped. It only slowly drains stamina, as opposed to draining health.

There is a randomly spawned antidote crate on the map, with a limited supply of antidotes. When the antidotes get used up, another spawns elsewhere. Infection happens when you’re hit by a common zombie.

I need some artwork.

Mainly, a picture of an airdropping crate (or a helicopter or something) for the buy menu. Also a 128x128 faceshot of the riot mask, gas mask and phoenix terrorist playermodels.

If i end up doing it, it’s going to suck so someone can feel free to make non-shit ones. Post them here in png format even and i can do the rest.

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Also, airdrops now work.

The notice system is now really easy to use, so i can put all sorts of hints and shit ingame.

I love you. I hosted ReDead like 1 year ago, and loved it back when it was popular. I hope you can keep improving on this!
Some ideas I had:
Players get points for doing damage.
Players get points for healing.
The objectives could be somewhat like:
Go to X position and destroy the y to prevent z from happening (could be a special zombie spawn or temporarily increasing all zombies’ damage per hit, etc),
Defend this point to get an airdrop,
Find this bible before the horde comes,
Kill this zombie before it evolves.
Having random objectives would also be very good.

One of the great things with ReDead was the interactivity with the environment and being able to pick up almost everything. Maybe you could work on it some more? Add more items and combinations, and such.

Naming it ReDead 2 would make sense.

The problem with that is that the old inventory SWEP from ReDead used a different system that made it easier to use items on the go. This new inventory is a bit more involved and because of that i’ve had to simplify the items you can use.

Basically, it has all the same stuff as Radbox except there are only 2 food items now.

More progress made. Headshots are now very satisfying. Gibbing is super sexy now. The points system is more or less done (i will be bringing back the headshot combo bonus points). I’ve also finished the infection shit.

Okay, the first beta session is about to go live! The server has 32 slots and will be running rd_zombocity_f2 24/7.


It seems the vmts are not downloading correctly. It downloaded them when I joined, but I still saw purple and black squares. Then when the level changed, I had to download all my resources again.

Second: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! If you cannot afford something, please do not force the player to click OK to a message to allow him to move. When Im running from about 10 zombies, the last thing I need is something to slow me down even further.

Third: It was WAY to easy. I was able to run around with my knife the last half of the match and still win. I remember pulling out my hair trying to survive the onslaught. I might just be used to how insanely hard ReDead was.

Fourth: I kinda like the old inventory better to be honest. It was quick and easy to go through, and I could do so on the move. With this one, I have to bring up the screen, look for my item, assign it to a hotkey, and then exit the menu while being chased. With the old one it was a breeze, just use the scrollwheel, click, done… With this one, I have my view being blocked by a giant ass Derma menu so I cant even see where Im going. If you wish to keep it, Atleast could you try and make a semi-transparent menu (if that’s even possible)

Yeah i really don’t like the current inventory system but it’s better coded… I could make an inventory quick-use SWEP or something like what the old ReDead used.

Awesome. Do you know whats up with the resources though? It really sucks waiting 5 minutes to re-download textures that don’t even work at the moment.