Toxsin X : Basically Toxsin But Heavily Modified
:siren:The server is up!:siren:

The gamemode is released!

I’m telling you now before you read, I know this isn’t such a big deal or all that special. I’m taking no credit for any of the models or materials used. All I did was edit in some new things. Now that we have that out of the way, enjoy the thread.


What is Toxsin X?
Toxsin X is a revamp of the original Toxsin, adding new items, abilities, zombies to slaughter, and most importantly, how you slaughter them. Toxsin X also introduces new map specific gametypes that spin off the standard gameplay. If there was some sort of story to Toxsin, this version would take place after the virus began to mutate.

What’s added in this version of Toxsin?

[li] A high variety of weapons, each countering each other’s stats to allow the player to explore their preferences of zombie killing.[/li][li] Plenty of new zombies to kill. Toxsin X introduces boss zombies which appear later in the game with a unique ability to them.[/li][li] More maps! Now you can enjoy Toxsin on your favorite CSS maps, zombie survival maps, or even RP maps.[/li][li] New gametypes to play on, because sometimes doing the same thing over again with no twist gets a little boring.[/li][li] New items introduced, each with their own balances. From a temporary antidote to books that increase certain statistics,.[/li][li] Hats. [sp]No not really[/sp][/li][li] A bunch of little changes here and there that look nice and make the game more enjoyable.[/li][/ul]

What types of new weapons have you added?

Well here’s a running list. It’ll be updated every time I add one which will happen more often:


[li] Winchester 1300[/li][li] Winchester 1873[/li][li] AK-74[/li][li] AR-5 Rifle[/li][li] AMT Automag[/li][li] Beretta PX4 “Storm”[/li][li] PP-19 Bizon[/li][li] Colt 9mm SMG[/li][li] CZ-52[/li][li] “The Enforcer” Prototype Rifle[/li][li] Hibben Scorpian Knife[/li][li] HP Browning[/li][li] Jackhammer[/li][li] Kriss[/li][li] Beretta M92[/li][li] Makarov[/li][li] “Mateba” Prototype Revolver[/li][li] MP5-K[/li][li] MP9-A1[/li][li] OT-33 Patriarch[/li][li] P-99 Handgun[/li][li] “HV Railgun” Prototype HMG[/li][li] Remington 8700[/li][li] Ruger[/li][li] FN Scar[/li][li] M3 “Shorty”[/li][li] Skorpion[/li][li] SPAS-12[/li][li] Striker[/li][li] Self Defense “T.A.Z.E.R” (Tactical Anti-Zombie or Enemy Repeller)[/li][li] Dual Tokarevs[/li][li] Modified Trigun[/li][li] USAS-12[/li][li] Silenced UZI[/li][li] XM8 Compact[/li][li] Boberg XR-9[/li][/ul]

What about the items you’ve added?

Here’s a list with descriptions. Again, it’s a running list, so there’ll be some changes:

[li] Infection Antibiotic : Provides a temporary suppression of the infection. Will come back a lot harder the next time you get infected.[/li][li] Charged Reactive Cell : This prototype cell attaches to your kevlar and absorbs damage. Requires replacement after a certain amount of damage is taken.[/li][li] “All About You” Book : One time use book. It increases your max health.[/li][li] Olympic Runner Biography : One time use book. Increases the amount of stamina you have.[/li][li] Germs and Virus’ Magazine : One time use book. Increases the amount of time the infection takes to hurt you[/li][li] Survival guide : One time use book. Loot spawns are now shown on your radar.[/li][li] Quick Fix Cola : Converts your stamina into health[/li][li] Adrenaline Shot : Gives you temporary resistance to damage. Wears off after 10 seconds[/li][li] Free Runner’s Delight : Increases the height at which you can jump.[/li][/ul]

What about these new game modes you’re talking about?

Here’s the ones so far. I’m thinking of adding more, just not sure what to add :v: :

[li]Standard : You’ve been sent in to clean up the area along with the rest of the S.I.N team. Survive long enough until evac comes to pick you up. The original Toxsin.[/li]
[li]Scavenger : No shop. Scavenge what you can around the levels and try your best to prepare. Money means absolutely nothing here. [/li]
[li]Boss Rush :Same rules as standard, but only Boss Infected will appear. [/li]

How about those random little edits? What are those?

Well here’s some off the top of my head:

[li] Playermodels are changed[/li][li] The evac helicopter is now a black hawk[/li][li] The flares are now EP2 flares[/li][/ul]

Not much in this department. Focused on major changes more.

I want pictures

Here’s a couple of pictures and some biographies of the zombies.

Any videos?


This mod doesn’t seem too special at all.

Well I’ll be honest. It’s basically a slap together of various addons made compatible for Toxsin. I’ll admit it’s not the hardest thing to do or the lua king gamemode but it’s a fun little project that plays as much fun as it is to make.

Is it playable?

Yeah of course. Every once and a while I host for some testers off my own listen server. There’s an SVN with all the content you need, and there is a lot of models and materials.

What are the files I’ll need?

You can get the required content here :

Instructions are as follows :

  1. Create a folder in your addons folder named anything, Toxsin-X Content preferably
  2. SVN Check out with the svn above
  3. It shouldn’t ask for a login, just let it download.

You’ll also need the original Toxsin content pack, so make sure you have that too!

As for maps, here’s the ones in the rotation so far.


  • Rambo_6 for making Toxsin
  • The various authors of the models and materials that I’ve used
  • Beta testers for testing and stuff
  • solid_jake for coding some of the new things (that’s me)
  • c-unit for coding some other things and checking to see if I didn’t fuck up


Feel free to make suggestions I’m running dry on “creative” ideas. Next up on the agenda is to add new rifle, HMG, and explosive tier weapons.

By god, that crawler looks menacing… I cant wait to play.

Do you have permission from Nuke (the original creator) for this?

Sounds excellent, i was actually thinking about doing something with toxsin in the future, im going to stay tuned to this thread.

Edit: That crawler looks scary as fuuuu

I’d imagine he wouldn’t mind. Can’t really ask because he’s perma’d.

It’s not like I’m taking credit for the entire thing, in fact most of the edits I’ve made are from templates he’s created, so in a way he’s done more of the work than I have.

I’ll try and find a way to ask though, just to be sure

Rambo_6 made ToxSin.

Man, the original version was really lacking content and this might be enough to get me to play again, especially when there is a ton of people it would be great.

Send me a pm anytime, I’ll get my servers for this sorted and updated with your custom version if you like.
As long as people play, the server will remain online.

Update (6/29/11)

[li] Added some HMG’s : HK-21, M60, M60E1, M4-C Mag, and RPK[/li][li] Added new items : Quick Fix Cola, Adrenaline Shot, Free Runner’s Delight (book), Survival Guide (book)[/li][li] Added new zombie types : Infected Larvae, Ravager[/li]
Also BomBom I’ll send you a friend request on steam so we can discuss

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Sent, Mr. Game N’ Watch

He also says that he may pop by to check out the test server.

I’d say that’s more than enough support.

Awesome, thanks for finding him and thanks for the permission if you’re lerking this rambo.

I’ll set the SVN up for preperation. It’s a hefty download, about 1 gb. Instructions are straight forward. Make a folder in addons and svn check out it with the link.

Updated OP with the content needed so you can have a head start before the server goes up.

The server is up, come and test. If you don’t have the content it’ll automatically download from the server. If you don’t want to wait for the server to give you them, you can make yourself an SVN

All of the maps listed above have just been added to the server, sorry about that, forgot that part :wink:

Could someone upload a mirror for the content pack? is being retarded and won’t let me download anything for some reason.

I was downloading a whole bunch of spacebuild stuff off there yesterday, too.

Includes some maps as well

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Updated the SVN to fix the purple and black mp5k model, be sure to get that

Will you guys be changing the inventory GUI and such to be more interesting? My only qualm with it is that it’s just a whole bunch of grey blobs taking up the screen, if they were at least transparent it would be far less blocky and annoying.

Really, a buy screen should either take up the whole screen, or a minimal amount of it. It really feels like the creator of it didn’t know where he was going with it.

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In fact, the general UI could use a huge overhaul. It’s blocky and uninteresting, and inconsistent with the mod’s style.

I got an idea for a gamemode, back on the original thread, its about the unit that goes to a lab, or a city, to get a certain item, and then come back to the spawn for extraction. Pretty much like Umbrella in RE2 when the U.B.C.S unit is sent to take William Birkin’s G-Virus sample. There could be a time limit, to come to get the item, and go back. You either have to scavenge your own stuff, or buy something before going in, having a limited supply of bones, issued by the modder of course. Reason for that last suggestion is because if you’re in a lab, there is no outside to get the drops from.

Also, video:

The server was meant to be updated yesterday with the newest build of the gamemode, but my hard drive died out.

Basically what it was adding was about 6-7 new rifles, a decrease in the shop menu icon size (For those with lower resolution having problems not seeing the whole thing) and some transparency to the shop menu as well as a couple of new items. It also changes true survival a little bit to allow the player to buy items for a limited amount of time in the beginning of the game.

I’ll have this update out when the replacement hard drive comes and I can re code it. It won’t be long, maybe about 2 days.

Thanks, had this problem with the weapons long ago ^^