Toxsin X Beta Server [Hosted By JokerIce]

Gamemode: Toxsin-X
Location: United Kingdon
Slots: 16
**IP Address:**
Click picture to join
The beta server for Toxsin-X. To learn about the gamemode you can go to the Toxsin-X thread in the gamemode development forum.

The server requires you own HL2 and it’s episodes, as well as CSS. Zeno Clash is optional, but you may get some console errors (don’t worry, they don’t show up while you play, only if you look in console) that don’t actually bother the gameplay or look of the game mode. You are also required to own a few content packs and maps.

Visit here for the maps and content

If you don’t mind, you can download the files from the server.

If you have any bugs to report you can post in that thread. Suggestions are welcome there as well.

The server will be up at all times.

Happy hunting!

More information would be nice, never even heard of the gamemode

That’s what the development thread is for

I was scriptbanned on JokerIce for killing too many zombies on their UnderDone server two years ago.
Still banned.

oh right, excuse my downs