Toxsin X - More Like Killing POOR


So yeah this is a reboot of my old summer gamemode project that is hopefully substantially better than then what I gave before.

What is Toxsin X?

Toxsin X is a heavily edited version of ReDead which completely removes the competitive aspect of the game, turning it into a cooperative shooter increasingly similar to Killing Floor.

The Features:

  • Wave styled gameplay akin to Killing Floor. Kill, shop, prepare for the finale, but more importantly survive.
  • New zombie mutations to mutilate you including the return of Boss Zombies, powerful zombies that’ll take a lot to kill.
  • Classes with unique passive and active abilities that’ll give you the edge over the zombies.
  • Perk Progression akin to Killing Floor. Level up your class to enhance it’s abilities.
  • A range of Non-Zombie enemies all fighting for their own survival.
  • New randomized events including the finale, that’ll make sure you’re ready to adapt.
  • New weapons providing trade offs to fit your zombie killing preference.
  • Cheat Codes! Performing certain tasks will give you a cheat code to enter in the menu.


Your objective is to kill all the zombies in each wave, getting progressively more difficult and all leading up to the Finale. Between each wave, you’ll have 60 seconds to buy anything you think you’ll need from the trader. The last time the trader will appear is before the final wave, where you’ll have to shop for both it and the Finale. The ultimate objective of the Finale is to get to the evacuation point whilst fending off from a never ending hoard of zombies. Sometimes you may have to perform a task before you’re able to evacuate, which is entirely random. Budgeting and teamwork is extremely important because it determines how well prepared you’ll be for the Finale.

Here is the help menu for full information on the rest of the aspects. The black text is white in game, and I’ll update this picture with that version later on today.[/t]

The Classes:

Items in green enhance per level sans the ability itself

The Zombies:

Click below to be debriefed on what you’ll be up against.
Expect more to be added later on, because at the moment I’m just looking for models to use.

The Humans:

Same thing as the zombies, expect pictures later on detailing them.
VENOM Soldiers: Your doppelganger, their only mission is to wipe your unit out and contain the outbreak. Loadout consists of a Fiveseven, MP5, M4A1, XM1014, or Scout.
Anarchists: Equipped with only melee weapons and molotovs, they wanna watch the world burn and they’ll take anything they can get their hands on.

And same thing as the zombies, more will be added once I can find fitting models for them.

The Gallery:

More media will come soon. For now, here’s two pictures from WAYWO showing the two Human factions.

And here are some old videos showcasing certain features. Gameplay has changed since then.

** Credits** - Everyone that created ReDead. This literally could not exist without ReDead. - Model creators who made the models I'm using. - Me for doing the coding for the new additions. - The WAYWO thread for putting up with my shit.

Required Content: and CS:S/EP1

As homage to Facepunchers here’s a free cheat code that I think you’ll enjoy. Just type in monkey_123 ( thank Lebofly for being nice enough to post his name ) to spawn with Face Punchers instead of a knife. Just remember, hit em in the face!

Fantastic work so far! Looking forward to a test server going up, I’ll be sure to try it out.

I agree with Niandra. Definitely going to be on the server when it gets opened.

So this is an improved Re-Dead?
Very excited to see servers running this!

Being a tester I can confirm this game will definitely rock your socks


Damn, I’d like to try this out. I remember playing an older version of this a long time ago, it looks like it has a lot more content now too.

Read OP pls?

nice derma, good use of the default

It’s improved if you consider the changes better. One is PvP oriented and this is PvE.

Thank you for the support guys. I would have had the server up for you already but the server went down and the auto restart is broken. It should be up tomorrow evening.

For now, the OP has been updated with some information about the zombies and pictures to help identify them. Click on the specimen info button to open the portfolio.



Required Content: and CS:S/EP1

If you guys encounter any errors, please let me know in the thread or add me, I don’t bite. I set you up with 6 maps for now.

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restarted the server, someone crashed it already

What model/enemy starts to appear on the second wave? They’re an error model for me

The ghoul. Are you subscribed to the workshop content, and are there any other error models?

Things in terms of suggestions/bugs :

Remove the constant red screen when spectating, make it smooth over to regular vision like what happens when you spawn from spectating currently.

Add an extra overlay for when spectating to show stats about the current player, for example their health, their name, their class, etc.

Add an extra overlay for when spectating to show stats about the game, for example the remaining counter, the round/wave they are on, etc.

An un-ready option (Already known)

Adding onto an un-ready option, change the “READY UP” message to either “READY” or “NOT READY” based on if you’re ready or not ready.

Nerf the gib

Pretty minor but it would be neat to see deaths, and I guess assists (maybe?) on the scoreboard

Remove the whole red coloring or blue coloring or whatever it is on the players when spectating, except the players you AREN’T spectating at the time

Dunno if this would kind of ruin the experience or maybe add to it, but add a name overlay even from when you’re far away above a player’s head if you look at them? (Not so sure about this one<)

Maybe add a variable to every player when they join and go past the help screen, that they’ve passed the help screen, so as long as they are in the same session when they press F1 it goes straight to class selection instead of the help menu, or just generally add two separate buttons for the help and class menu.

I’ll add to this later when I’m not enjoying myself on the server

That thing at :36…

Are you creating the models yourself? I know you spoke about finding models, which some are easily from
HL2 and the wraith I believe is from the beta or something. But what about that crawler? Was that created
from scratch by you?

If so then I applaud you if not then goodjob to whoever made it. Also will there
be any more models like it in the future?

Haha I wish. The crawler is from the mod Get A Life, which you should definitely try if you want to see the full capabilities of it. It was the fan favorite back in the first version of Toxsin X so I had to include it again here.

As for more models like it, it’s really one of those “is it available” sort of things. There are currently 3 zombies that don’t have models yet but the code is available for. It’s all about finding what fits their abilities.

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  1. I’ve toned down the red saturation a bit. I’ve also fixed the numerous bugs you told me about in game ( Spectating the dead, sound being silent )

  2. That will definitely be on the to do list.

  3. Un-ready option has now been implemented, as well as the wave status indicator updating with what you requested. The F4 button will now toggle on/off.

  4. Masochists gibs have been nerfed to reasonable levels. The infection was bad enough, and taking five HP bars away was overkill. It will now take a single hp bar away.

  5. Deaths and assists has been added to the scoreboard, as well as the class and level that the player is.

  6. This part was my bad. I accidentally forgot to check if the player was alive in the silhouette code. Woops

  7. That’s already implemented. You were having some issues seeing some post processing effects aside from this, and it might have something to do with your DXLevel.

  8. The help menu is staying as an F1 function and being tied with the class picker just so there’s no bullshit about anyone telling me something wasn’t made clear enough. It also lets someone learn what to do on the fly. Besides, you can’t change class while you’re alive anyway so pressing a button while you’re waiting to respawn shouldn’t be that exhausting.

Appreciated the feedback, not bad ideas either.

One other thing, the range on the guys who have the regular HL2 zombie model who come around wave 2 and 3, I think you called them contagions or something, seems to be a little too high, and sometimes they don’t perform an attack anim

Also, the VENOM team is way too OP. They never stop shooting and basically have aimbot. I’ve also noticed that when they spawn they never walk around, they just aim in one direction but they shoot in any direction they wish

The aiming problem ( not turning to look where they’re shooting ) has to do with nextbot glitching out. Does it happen often? Because I tried my best to minimize it… As for the moving around, I accidentally left their range too high and as a result they don’t need to change positions to shoot at you. I just fixed that now.

But I don’t think they have aimbot as their cone of attack is extremely wide, and the contagion’s radius is intentionally high to pretty much punish you for being careless enough to shoot at something that moves 1/4 as fast as you do while you’re next to it.

I implemented the fix involving the wave status indicator not updating for everyone on the server / if you had just joined mid wave.

I also reworked the wave system to have maximum number of zombies per wave, so that you don’t have to fight 600 zombies on wave 1 with 8 people on the server. The values are still 15 zombies per player, but are a maximum of 60 zombies on the first wave, adding 20 zombies each wave.

Just wanted to let you know that the spectator colour looks much better now.

Also, after the round ends, if the map is changing or just generally, it’d be cool to have a little picture of the “Next Map” on the open area on the left.

Also, in the Q menu it says Cash: $103 for example instead of 103 bones

Also, the airdrop system is a really nice idea, but it doesn’t really "air"drop :smiley:

More shit :

A notification system of sorts should be added in. I know the “TRADER OPEN” and all that is there, but I think there should be some sort of system where when something happens it displays a red text or something across the screen telling you what.

For example,

If someone dies, it would display “<NAME> has died” or something along the sorts.

And then, “Wave has ended. The trader is now open”

And other notifications like that, just to keep you in the loop. Or even a chat message would be fine

Oh and, a new ammo system would be lovely, so there would legitimately be separate reserve ammo and clip ammo

Also, a constant timer on the trader, instead of just a notification that says 30 seconds left

An idea for the spectator overlay, you could make those messages at the bottom pop up maybe somewhere instead of making them stay there, for example on the notification system, or just remove them and put the info for who you’re spectating and all that there

Btw, it seems as if a lot of the times some pistols and rifles etc are held like they’re at your side even when they’re not

Also, at the end of a round, I’d recommend just forcing the players to spawn in instead of making them press space, cause why not? If they aren’t playing they’ll just die again, and then you can implement an AFK system so after like a round or two of not spawning in, they get marked, so THEN they have to press space to mark themselves as un-AFK or something of the sorts

I know these are huge ideas, but they’re just that, ideas. I’m not requesting any of these to be implemented, just stuff to look back on when you have nothing on your plate

  1. I’m going to add a map vote after the awards screen just as soon as I can figure out how I’m going to design that.

  2. A minor aesthetic that I left in by accident. I’ll get on changing that.

  3. I don’t know what you mean by the airdrop system not being an airdrop. The shipment is spawned at the highest point of the map and falls down to the player. I think that’s as far as an airdrop can really go ( sans a plane flying by or a parachute attached to the box )

  4. I remember you telling me about this while I was on the server and I’m not really sure how unclear it is that the trader is open. I haven’t really gotten any complaints about people not knowing the trader is open, more that they don’t know where the trader is on bigger maps like zombocity. Notifying deaths is a good idea though, and should be added in the next update.

  5. One of the things about the ammo system, which I’m hoping someone has figured out by now, is that you can reload guns while it’s holstered. If I make the reserves separate from the clip, that system will break.

  6. Constant timer is something I’m going to add in the next patch on the Wave Indicator. The “TRADER OPEN” text will be moved to the Wave counter, and the timer will take the place of the remaining counter.

  7. Since I last replied to your suggestion that is exactly what I did. Basically the text at the bottom will only be there if you’re still spectating your own corpse. Once you switch to a player, it says “Spectating NAMEOFPLAYER.” I don’t think I’m going to add health and ammo to the spectator overlay though.

  8. Another thing I don’t know what you mean by. I can only assume you mean the sprint angles, which I’ve never seen or gotten complaints about going wrong even with the 100 ping that US players have.

  9. The reason I’m avoiding this is because it should be a conscious decision to respawn. My biggest problem is that someone if joins just to go afk, they end up making the waves harder for everyone else. Aside from that, some people might want to change class last minute or go to the bathroom, and although you can do the latter at any time, you’re kind of limited on the former.

I’ve gotten some complaints about the XP system corrupting player data. I’ve fixed the problem, and I’m looking into each file and fixing the tables so that you’ll have your XP back. If you want to manually save your XP because you don’t trust the server to do it properly, you can type “toxsinx_savexp” in console.

I fixed the bug that made zombies get lost and be stuck somewhere outside the map, which in turn makes the wave never end. If the problem persists someone tell me immediately so I can look deeper into it, with the map name as well. Also, I’ve removed the unbreakable doors on OMGCITY that basically either ended with you getting stuck inside forever or an effortless victory.

The next patch will introduce more shotguns as well as a new mutation. If you encounter any bugs in between now and then, I insist that you add me and let me know. Nobody likes a broken game