Toy Story 3: Video Game Models

Can anyone rip models from this game?

Probably not since it’s a console exclusive.

No its not.

People have ported from Console games before.

It’s not console exclusive. But the models looks like crap anyway. But it would be funny. I’ll support this.

I wouldn’t use them, but their would be fun just to have there and nostalgia when u accidentally click on them while on Browser.

I would totally use them.

Says the furry.

Even then we have a WII emulator we can just RIP the models.

“we” meaning anyone who can get it onto their hard drive.

We can also rip it from the PC Version.

Take that shit somewhere else unless there’s content along with it.

i just looked on an according to the site the game is only console based game

Says the asshole.

They look pretty high-res based on the screenshots.

Says the 12 year old.

Also, didn’t say anything on pc though.

I almost bought it on PC, but didn’t have enough monies.

When I get it another time I’ll look up how to port models and do it.

Nvm we’re looking at the rip now.

I thought so as well. But take a closer look in-game.