ToyBox Achievement

I think since Garry’s Mod is already lacking in achievements user made achievements should be available for cloudscript. Each user could make an achievement for each entity that they trigger from within the entity itself and personal scores could be tracked on the cloudscript home page. I think this would bring more people to play with cloudscript and more people playing to try and get every achievement possible.

Input please, I think it’s a good idea, even if there would be some sort of system to keep crap “auto-achievement” entities off of the cloud.

I like my auto achivement gun that keeps getting removed from cloudscript :colbert:

Yeah people can make there own official achievements. I don’t see why anyone would not like this idea.

But those achievements must be hosted on GMod servers, not on Steam servers. I think, Garry doesn’t want to flood terabytes.

Garry should add some achievements. For example, … Hmmmm.
Cloud-Scripter - Publish a cloudscript entity or weapon from your workshop ingame.
Or maybe…
This Keeps Getting Better! - Favorite or Like


100 cloudscript submissions.


That smiley face rating, I don’t know.

Oh fuck no. Anyone who has played LittleBigPlanet will know what a terrible idea it is to encourage all the children playing to upload their five second shit or make something shit just to upload.

Making achievements for uploading will force players to boost. I know how it’s hard to fight boosting - when achievements were enabled on Call of Duty Wiki, everyone started to add pages to unneeded categories.

By making people get an achievement for uploading it will make even more people upload 5 second crap. I think they would be achievements for downloading cloudscripts, created by the uploader. Just personal scores, I think achievements are fun but people can go way too far trying to get them.

Spammer- Spawn 1,000 Cloudscripts

**Popular **- Recieve over 500 Like’s on one of your scripts.

**Well Coded **- Get no error ratings after 200 downloads of one of you cloudscripts.

**The Internet Is A Weapon **- Get killed by a cloudscript weapon.

**I Got My Weapon From The Internet **- Get kill someone or something a cloudscript weapon.

**Custom **- Spawn a cloudscript entity or weapon that uses custom resources.

**Cloudscript Rain **- Get killed by a cloudscript entity.

**Cloudscript Storm **- Get killed by a cloudscript entity 100 times.

**Cloudscript Hurricane **- Get killed by a cloudscript entity 500 times.

**Weather Forecast Was Wrong **- Remove or undone a cloudscript that killed you.

**Weatherman Got Fired **- Remove or undone a cloudscript that killed you 100 times.

**Hurricane Warning Ignored **- Remove or undone a cloudscript that killed you 500 times.

**Voter **- Rate 100 different cloudscripts.

**Politician **- Get overall 1000 Rates from all your cloudscripts.

**Error Found **- Rate a cloudscript with Error after you got an error from it.

**Buggy Cloudscripts **- Get 500 errors from cloudscripts.

**Garry’s Like It **- Get a favorite vote by Garry Newman on one of your cloudscripts.

**Cloudscript Fan **- Spawn 100 different cloudscripts entities or weapons.

I think they’re alright suggestions but I don’t think you see what I am getting at. Instead of having official steam achievements have an individual cloudscript achievement that comes with each downloaded entity or weapon. The person who coded the entity could decide what the triggers are to receive the
achievement. So for my leaf blower swep I could code in an achievement like…

Title: Serious horsepower
Description: Blow a single prop 1 kilometer with the leaf blower

The uploader could decide to include an achievement or not. I’d like to have it standard and integrated with the cloud ui so each user could have their own high score.