Toybox at MP

Any way to get toybox to work with multiplayer also.
Coz it would sux if it would work only singleplayer, bcs how can I show my friends some things …
If not, is there any way to copy the things from toy box to addons folder?
(tried something, but it didnt work)

It’s still on developement, and half the things in there would make multiplayer ultimate minge mayhem.

This was the plan from the beginning. Garry wants to get rid of and replace it with ToyBox.

And when its gonna be done? In a month or so?

When he gets done.

So it’s the black mesa source of Gmod

So any temporary fix for now? Like copying files?


Maybe :3 Has entities that can only be spawned from the toybox menu in my entities category

Overv coded some nice-looking multiplayer cloudscript stuff, but I don’t think that works with all cloudscripts.
You’re much better off just waiting

You could just download stuff from Toybox and put those stuff on the server, and so then you can use the stuff you downloaded from the Toybox in multiplayer

Well. Guess what. HERE IT IS : (list doesnt has al entities + some of them dont work + its slow, BUT IT WORKS!!!)

Where do you put this to?

Dumbshit. There is several reasons this would blow up garry’s mod.

  • If someone didn’t have it, you’d have to download it too. There is generally about 5 people on mainstream servers which would be hell for people with DSL or below Broadband.
  • Have you seen the 13 year old kids who fucking minge servers? Yeah, obviously you havent.

I find that stupid, what if you want to upload a gamemode? Or a script like a new MOTD.
I find it hard to do that via the toybox

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Agree, also it’s bad coded, making the game a perfomance rape.

And: I think on the steam page it should display “16+” age. Since Garry’s Mod is actually a edit of Half Life 2, which is 16+ (PEGI at least).
Maybe it would stop parents buying the game for the really smallest little screaming kids with mic.

In my opinion there should be some sort of server-side ToyBox so that if players want more content they ask the administrator.

A toybox with settings for superadmin. Like what to allow, maybe a black/white-list for stuff that are on the toybox and so on :slight_smile:

  1. Download object from Toybox.
  2. Save download as non-Toybox thing on your server.
  3. Have fun with Toybox things in multiplayer.

I really hope you can disable toybox for multiplayer when it’s out.