Toybox Auth Error + Can't access toybox? Try the new steam client beta

Edit: oh cool I didn’t even see this.

Sounds like a much needed update.

Just got confirmation from a friend. This works.

This doesn’t work for me. I still get the annoying “Connecting to Steam - please wait!” message.

The problem this client update fixes is the random HTTP errors (“Failed to get web page due to an unknown error (-201)”). Contact Steam Support about being unable to use steam for outside services like

Well, it’s only for THIS outside service: I can log in to it through the in-game overlay, my web browser, and other places. Do I need to contact Steam Support for that or is it a Garry’s Mod problem?

It’s a Steam problem. The problem is that Gmod can connect to the server just fine but for some reason it’s having problems connecting your Steam account to toybox in0game.

All right, thanks for the help.