ToyBox Blacklist?

I don’t know if this belongs in suggestion or toybox so screw it. I’m gonna fire away anyway since I know Garry does actively view these forums.

We need a sort of blacklist for toybox. I hate seeing crappy weapons that are just someone changing the firing speed, damage, etc of a weapon. (ownage splodah, all the “super weapons” like super ar2, and those stupid bouncy gman ents).

It’d be so useful for clearing the clutter of the toybox. Im surprised it hasn’t been suggested yet and if it has forgive me, search turned up nothing.


This is what we need. I hate seeing weapons that only create explosions.

Garry has stated that the files on don’t need any moderating, i’m pretty sure he thinks the same about the toybox.

I was writing a news article (which I need to finish) and asked garry about moderation by other community members.