Toybox Broken

I keep getting a progress indicator saying “Logging into steam, patient please!”

But it never shows anything. Just loops the same page. Anyone else getting this?

Same by me, i can’t connect to servers either…

The only thing I see is that you haven’t connected your Steam Profile with Facepunch.


I guess you are using non-steam gmod.
had non-steam a year ago too and had the same message.

fact: gmod was worth the 10$ :pwn:

Cyberuben, do you REALLY come to Help and Support to keep on complaining on how loads of people don’t have their Steam accounts linked to their Facepunch accounts?

Dude, seriously, stop. :expressionless:

@Cyber and Plaster…

My Garry’s Mod was purchased in 2008. It is legal AND legit!

TY Sgt Lulz

Indeed, but the pirating of gmod is, however, a offense to Facepunch greatly, but at least you bought it so you made yourself worthy.

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The reason we ask if you have a steam is to verify that you have a steam account with G-Mod. It’s becoming more general. If you are considering linking, use the number(or text) after “the id/” and before the “/” at the end of your steam account URL.

Jarrod, I’ll be doing that as soon as I figure out how to pull up my steam page

EDIT: Okay, so I did it :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. (1/6/12 @7:18pm EST)