Toybox causing HL2.exe to crash for 6 people I know

And that’s including me.

I have already toyed with removing addons and etc but it seems that the recent update has screwed with the engine a bit in the wrong way for the majority of us.

Come on garry, this aint right, I have been playing in my server for 9 Days straight with no problems and no client side changes. The Update changed that.

Explain how it crashes, send me crashlogs. Saying “it crashes” doesn’t help. Does it show? Which one? Maps or ingame? Does it crash when you’re spawning something? Does it always crash?

Help me help you.

I have the same problem it just crashes for some reason in the normal gmod, but in the SVN beta it works fantastic for some reason.

It’s only the maps that crashes me tho.

I can confirm a crash that happens when I try to download anything apart from maps.


It goes all the way to the last thingy and then crashes.

Wait shit I think this is supposed to happen.

It crashes for me too but I get no error.

On the issue of possibly ToyBox-induced errors, I have another (possibly common) problem Garry:
The Options->Video->Advanced settings seem to be completely broken, can’t change a thing. I saw someone else post about this, are you aware of it?


I dont seem to have any probleme including crashing using toybox :3

Sometimes it gives me “hl2.exe has stopped responding” but it is still running and i can hide the error message and play the game as normal.

toybox crashes alot tho’ I cant download props at all.

My toybox only crashes if i’m running Gmod windowed and tries to download a big map :smile:

Hmm, I’m running in windowed with noborder because it makes alt tabbing less of a pain.

It only crashes when I mess around with the z0r players and whatnot. That’s problably just me.

I’m currently on the verge of crashing due to cloud script. Just now my game is slower than that Psyconauts joke trying to reconnect to the server. Garrys mod.or also glitched up so I know my router was involved with the trigger.

(Web sites start messing up when the router starts to go down) Because of my router problems I’m not so sure I can trust the Toybox for anything other than Maps, and that’s because they Full download unlike the entities, sweps, and props that stream practically everything. To think I actually started warming up to this “thing”.

I need a full download option or I can’t have any thing from the toybox on the map when my router goes down. And if you think this is bad, what is bad, what if someone’s brother or sister unplugs their router and the person on the computer has a cloud script item on the map and they’re playing in single player?

I haven’t even advance duped what I was working on yet, nor have I saved.

Edit, I froze instead. If this is suppose to appear in a log some where, where does the log appear?

I found and fixed a crash with toybox downloads. It’s in the next update.

OP is credit to Gmod development.

I can play Normal sandbox in Gmod but when I open toybox at all my game crash, with no error at all… I can do everything wich is normal to gmod but when I click on toybox it says “Connecting to Steam, be patiant!” Then it crashes, and I cannot enter other servers, and I’m trying to reinstall Gmod to see if it works better that way.

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What the hell. I usually play windowless border. Switching to full screen and i connect to a server on first try. O.o