Toybox/Cloudscript glitch

Well, I was fiddling around with Toybox/Cloudscript, and it seems that I can spawn only certain entities and weapons. For example, when I click the Predator Missile Weapon, it doesnt spawn, and the button just clicks. But, most of the entities, and some of the weapons do work. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

I don’t know, but did you block me on steam =/

I have exactly the same problem except that nothing works for me. I tried lots of different things in each category, but nothing to do it does not work.

Yeah me to.

Do you own Counter Strike Source?

Also, for me things do not spawn right away when I click them, it can even sometimes take upward of a minute.

If you have Assmod installed, remove it. My brother had this problem and that fixed it.

Assmod ? I do not Assmod. I waited 15 minutes to do anything but it does not work.

Removed Assmod, it works perfectly. Thanks.

I deleted ULX and everything works fine now. :wink: