Toybox (& Cloudscript)

We’ve got a toybox forum here

So I’m wondering, does the Lua forum need one for developers, or should we be happy enough to post there? Or should people just post in the normal Lua forums?

I think the Lua forum should have one for developers, it would be more organized.

it would need some epics customs icons

Maybe just a big WIP subforum?
Also, 888 posts. What.

I was just about to say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, we need some Icons for toybox related stuff

I like the idea of one for developers, and one for the masses.

Same here, a dev forum would help split up the releases and general talk. Maybe move the work and question mega threads there, as well as the Lua Hiring thread?

Yeah sure. A toybox subforum wouldn’t hurt.

Isn’t there already an Lua hiring thread?

Wait, would this developers forum only be for stuff relating to toybox/cloudscript, or do you mean just in general?

The only thing I wonder is what that means for the regular Lua forum. Most of the posts are WIPs and project announcements anyways.