Toybox Entities to Addons

Is there anyway to make toybox stuff to addon ?
And if there is, can anyone help me with it ?

Andre Hyni

Yes, I can do that for you.
Send me the ToyBox link.

The link:

can you help me too? Plz this are the links : and (this are ragdolls)

Models you can just extract from the toybox folder into the main root folder.
ie:garrysmod/addons/toybox/models/model now becomes garrysmod/models/model

but can you send my that downloads plz my toybox is out of dat i dont know how

I know what to do with models/materials, but Im not sure what to do with the code, Its just one code file. In an addons its usually three, shared.lua, init.lua and cl_init.lua.

I think you open the *.gcf file in notepad, get rid of the header text, and then save it as a shared file in the autorun folder.