Toybox LUA files

Some of you may have seen my other thread, but this one focuses specifically on the lack of the LUA scripts from toybox, which arguably are the most useful

Is there any real reason why Garry didn’t release the lua folder along with the rest of the toybox torrent? There are a few things in there that I really want to look at but unfortunately no public archive exists where I can see the files, and so far it just seems like a big waste to not include the LUA folder along with the rest of the addons that were uploaded to toybox.

What is the link to that webpage for all of the toybox data? I have been looking for it for ages.

It’s a torrent.

Link or something?

only has maps, models, materials and sounds though.

Yeah, I have yet to find the lua data for toybox…

You can’t find it. Only garry has it.

If that’s the case, I wonder why he isn’t making them public?

I asked him, hopefully he replies

Don’t expect it though

Why wouldnt garrys release the lua files. What a shame.

I’d really hope the main reason is so that people don’t just reupload them to the workshop even when the original owner has already recreated them or asked for them not to be reuploaded.

That’s what I thought, but it would still be nice for some old scripts to be released for fixing and even learning purposes.

The main thing I’m after is an addon called Towie, because it does a lot of stuff that I would like to learn how to do via example. Unfortunately it was only ever on toybox and nobody has a copy of it.