ToyBox maps

Hello I really have not played in Garry’s mod, but as I understand there is now in place ToyBox Workshop?
All maps which were previously downloaded to ToyBox now they can not be removed and download them?
In 2011, I am made ​​two maps for the game, and it turned out that now I do not have them on the computer :frowning:

Maybe someone have these maps and you can upload them to something that I could download them?

The first map Coop_ SurvivalField
The second map Coop_DefenseGarage

Many thanks to anyone who can help me!

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

I belive there is a download for all the things from toybox. I will see if i can find it.

Look if you can find your maps

Also, for torrents, you dont need to download the whole thing. (I seen this misconception before). Also it’s a nice thing to leave it running for a bit as a seeder. For the record, I see both your maps in the torrent.

Good luck.

Thank you!