Toybox Multiplayer News?

I just joined facepunch, and I don’t know much about how Toybox will be in the near future… So I have a question!

Will there be a Toybox feature in multiplayer?

I love playing LAN games with my friends, but we still want to enjoy Toybox together! Toybox is much better than downloading a bunch of addons. I can ofc see how ‘‘Saves’’ will be hard to have in MP, so maybe that feature should be removed (not from Toybox in Single Player, just Toybox in MP).

Props, entities and weapons should be no problem, cause they are just like any addon. And remember this, I am NOT, asking for Toybox on hosted servers, just for the LAN, you know, when you start a Singleplayer game, and you choose either Single or Multi. I am not trying to get Toybox in offline mode, or make the content of Toybox downloadable either, I just want to have it in LAN multiplayer, so that I can use it together with friends! :slight_smile:

Garry said he will add toybox to multiplayer soon

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually that’s wrong. His latest news was that he didn’t really feel like adding toybox to multiplayer mainly because he’s lazy.

[sp]besides every decent lua coder knows you can trigger clientside toybox townloads with ToyboxDownload(ID) anyway[/sp]

Thats a real shame, as i was hoping to set up a multilplayer game tonight with toybox running…