ok,its been 5 months since toybox wasint working for me.I HAD NO TOYBOX FOR 5 MONTHS :frowning: i cant even connect to toybox outside the game.The error message is '‘unable to connect to server.server may be offline or you may not be connected to the internet.-102’'and in the console it says Toybox Auth Error: [Couldn’t Connect] (retying in (whatever) seconds).
i can still use the browser in the toybox tab but i cant connect to toybox.i disabled my firewall and its still not working,i even reinstalled gmod and its still not working.5 months ago it was working then the next day POOF! its not using windows 7 32bit and my internet browser im using right now is firefox.SO please help,and thank you :slight_smile:

i got the same prob and nothing seems to be working.
mine was working one minute then i started a new game and it hasn’t worked since.
i keep getting and http error in the console and a logging into steam in the ingame.

Give us proof that you legitimately own Gmod, first.

Both of you seem to have FAKE steam profile pages cause it says that Steam cannot find the user page. Pirates.

I thought Garry removed the Toybox for some reason. I think I saw that in another thread. I’m not sure though.

Yeah, doesn’t the new gmod update utilize a different content upload/download system than toybox for some reason?

I Bought Gmod a couple of days ago on steam and the toybox was working perfectly, Then it wasnt working again and now it has been 4 MONTHS WITHOUT TOYBOX my error is (-10) and i have nothing to do on gmod now, PLZ SOMEONE HELP!

Wait… You said you bought Garry’s Mod a couple of days ago and you’ve experienced no toybox for 4 months now?

As I wrote in my previous post, I think Garry removed the Toybox and will soon replace it with something else.