Toybox NPCs?

Okay, I remember back when CloudScript was still on the drawing board, Garry said that he’d, “implement NPCs if there was enough interest” or something. I’ve been noticing several NPCs that are being added to the Entities category. For example:

The Zombie Breen Series
Evil Pigeon
Flying Ichthyosaur-Manhack-Painful-:psyduck:-thing.
Dr. Hax

So, is there actually going to be an NPCs Toybox category, or are we just going to let the creators upload to entities?

yeah i want cloudscript snpcs! :slight_smile:

There are already manhack ichtyosaur hybrids, so why not?

Yes! That’d be awesome to have an NPC’s category.

the people have spoken

Just to say, Entitys can be SNPCs due to the way you code them >.> All you have to do is submit an SNPC and it will be on the list …

But if its a category you want, i totally agree with that

Make an NPC category in SENTs.

A catagory within a catagory? What shall we call this new invention?

read what ningaglio said >.<

I would love to see some SNPCs, since garry has the custom content downloaded thing in there already.

We shall call them… subcategories!

I’d really like to be able to spawn some awesome ones, like the T-Rex.

Genious! Why hasn’t somebody thought of this before?!

Thumbs up to tuis idea from me :smiley:

Either’ll do.



Agreed! A category just for NPCs would be just perfect.

All I want is search.

Hey, Garry? Could we get word on if you’ve seen this? I’m curious as to what you think.

Same here :frown:

Who the hell would NOT want this?

This is coming, it just seems like kind of a waste of time until people can upload their own models etc.