Toybox problem

Some of you may know me some of you may not.

I am having the same issue of Toybox for several months now and its getting really annoying.

Info on this problem:

-I cannot connect to toybox even OUTSIDE of Garry’s Mod.

-It started after an update awhile back I think.

-I’ve tried nearly EVERYTHING; re-installing Garry’s Mod, verifying cache, defrag, etc.

-I could download files and play online normal.

Please help; this problem is really getting on my nerves now.


PS: Sorry if this may not be the right section to post in…

Toybox has not been working for a lot of people recently. It is smart to just wait it out.

Oh. I thought I was the only one :s

I haven’t had a single problem with toybox, are some of you really having problems?

No I’m not having any problems at ALL.


I didn’t mean you, I meant anyone else

Thanks for the help, Spike. ._.

But please; post something that is related to this issue or get out of here.

hmm… have you tried just going to in general? like as in NOT toybox part? because I’ve heard people say they can’t even go to sometimes, and that the same thing happens with toybox.

I could still download files off of and can play online regularly.

oh, okay then, it’s not the problem I was thinking of…

maybe it’s this one, go to your addons folder, see if there’s the “Toybox” folder in there, if it is, then I can’t help you, if it isn’t, then you need to do what I did when I had this problem, re-install Gmod, if THAT doesn’t work, you’ll need to either re-install Steam, or just put steam in another folder, and re-install your games, if you put it in another folder, every addon you get will still be in the program files folder, but it won’t show up in gmod, you need to go to the folder you put steam in, and click on what you’d normally do when you were in Program Files steam folder, and put your addons you want in that folder

if neither of those work, then I don’t know what to say, I just re-installed gmod when I got this problem, but my friend had to re-install steam, and my other friend just did the steam in another folder trick.

I already tried reinstalling GMOD and still getting the same error.

Havent tried in a while, I’ll go in and check. Gonna run console logs at the same time.

Oh I also forgot to add; it kept saying “Retrying Toybox in — seconds” every time.

Waffle, did you check to see if the Toybox Folder is in your addons?

go to Program Files/Steam/steamapps/(username)/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons, and there should be a little folder named Toybox, see if it’s there.

You could be banned from toybox?

I heard that you could, but I didn’t know it as a fact, that’s why I haven’t suggested that

Indeed there is a folder named Toybox.

Anybody found a possible fix and is anybody else still getting this?

Mega bump.

Insanely huge bump.

This error is still happening.