Toybox saves that also uploads weapons?

With your new update, I thought that Toybox saves would also force users to download Toybox weapons that were spawned on the map. They unfortunately don’t. Normal weapons work because they’re already defined.

So can I suggest that Toybox weapons spawned on the ground are forced to be downloaded?

It’d help with my new Toybox entity that has “advanced save settings” which allows you to choose which weapons you spawn with, have the spawn menu disabled (pressing q with the spawn menu disabled make a messagebox pop up asking if you want to exit out to edit mode), have undo’s disabled, have noclip disabled, have numpad disabled, or run a lua script.

It’s to essentially allow people to upload whole gamemodes into toybox saves.

That would take the piss to download if there was a save + multiple weapons to download.

I’m not saying to log and record every toybox weapon that was spawned and deleted, I’m only talking about every toybox weapon that’s currently spawned and not in the inventory.

If you think that downloading weapons is long, what do you think about what Garry has currently done, making all toybox entities spawned be downloaded?

Yeah I’ll try to get it in the next update