Toybox spelling/grammar

Sorry if I missed anything, but I just noticed that the Toybox comments have some sort of smartness system. When was this added and is there any particular reason for it?

Wow, thanks for pointing this out. I hope this gets added to all the other GMod websites.

Woo Smartness


although it didn’t fix “delteed”


or the atrocious grammar








added to Facepunch.

(User lost 4 smartness in this post.)

Probably because it was so butchered that the system couldn’t figure out what it was.

It will encourage people to fix their ENT descriptions and not look like tards.

as long as it’s not like the old facepunch system and it doesn’t give you shit for using real words like “cleaver”, I’m all for this.

God. Thank god. I’m tired of seeing retarded spelling.

YEEEHAW! Win win win! This is probably the BEST thing to come to cloudscript since cloudscript itself!

Now we just need to see this applied to Facepunch in a way…:raise:

lol garyry wuld never add dis to da website cuz it would sick balls lol

I noticed this last night.

It would be funny if garry added that to facepunch and all previous posts were accounted for.

He if did, people would just say “i dont care this is da internet.” or something like that.

grammer natzee

Anyone noticed that there is a large amount of “first comment” spam? I noticed some of the users of those comments have their names in red so I would assume they were banned.

Will there be a feature in the future for uploader to delete comments?

I am posting this here since I don’t see much of a reason for it having its own thread.

Not going to be on FP since people found ways around Smartness


I hope this reminds people not to type stuff like “should of”, “would of” or “could of”

that always annoys me.