toybox unbanned me please...

HI garry i am banned from toybox and i am so so sorry for puting crap on toybox but i have done my lesson and i know not to put on any bad things on anymore so please unbanne me iand i mean it i will not put crap on thank you and have a good day.

Made me laugh, I think I’m talking for everyone if I say: Someone with your grammar shouldn’t even be allowed to play gmod.

Uh, no. Grammar doesn’t determine your acceptance to play a game you (hopefully) paid for. Just because he has bad grammar doesn’t mean he’s a bad person - maybe it’s not his first language?

OP: Valve doesn’t own these forums, Garry does. Either wait out your ban or EMail him nicely and hope he’s in a nice mood. :slight_smile:

You had your chance, Its to late!

I will try to e-mail garry and tell him to unbanne me i do want to be unbanned lets just hope garry looks at this.

Deal with it.

mragh fuck valve banned me bcuz i uploaded a entity i stole now i cant steal more weapons and be ttly l33t