Does anyone not understand how to add SENTS and SWEPS on Toybox? Should I make some kind of tutorial on the wiki or something?

What exactly is the main problem in understanding how to add to it?


It’s not hard to figure out, honestly.

I mean if you can’t figure it out, do we honestly want you contributing?

True, very true.

It’s easy enough to understand I think. Just place a few warnings on stuff people shouldn’t do in specific places (like what files they aren’t allowed to upload) and that should be enough.

If you can’t add your additions to Toybox you shouldn’t even know how to code.

It’s not that hard to figure out,i mean,just look at how many 5 minutes sweps are in there.


Oh, and if the makers can’t even upload materials and models right, just imagine how shitty their addons will be. I mean, 5-second swep uploaders can even do it.

Speeking of which, isn’t 5 second stuff supposed to be removed?:frown:

Then toybox would be nearly empty. :downs:

I’d rather have a small collection of toys than a huge collection of trash:colbert:


I think good stuff will naturally sort itself out over time if properly listed.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a page just outlining it.

That was how it USED to be, when toybox just came out. There were all these cool laser beam thingys and stuff that had some script put into it.

Yay! Dear sister SMG, revolver, magnum, pistol…
All getting on the top of the “Most Popular” page.


But with the amount of people using ToyBox, since its easily accessible, most people would go directly to that gun that shoots 100000 bullets per second right away.
I rarely see one of the original goodies in the “Most Popular” section anymore.

Possible solution: Maybe we should have the ability to add favorite authors. Then, if we see something we like, we can easily keep track of everything coming from that person.

Maybe it could go even further - a system where we could like or dislike authors, and sort based on that.

I think it would be good to have a some sort of moderation team that can delete five-second stuff and modifications of other people’s stuff.

But opinions on what is shitty and what isn’t differs from person to person. I think that people should flag things they think are really bad like 5-second things, and then a team can then start to delete stuff that is pointless.

Yeah a flag system would be the best.