Toying around with my server Got Vac Banned

So i was running a server at home and i was toying around with it modifying it from inside and outside softwear i stoped playing for a few mounths then when i came back i was Vac banned from All servers.

That’s what happens when you leave vac on your server when modding. Turn it off next time.

And don’t forget about eac.

“Outside software”. … You mean hacking? They are pretty clear on that one.

can you get VAC ban by using admin command on your own server and flying around and no-clipping ?

oh… i must say thats a new one.

haha :slight_smile: like my grandma always said: “don’t toy around!”

No you can’t but you wouldn’t get vac banned without cheating in some way. It may not even be from rust, vac bans can apply to multiple games after being banned in just one of them so if you cheated on another game, bad luck

Only Rust VAC bans affect Rust. The only VAC bans that are shared are specific Valve-made Source engine games; a TF2 VAC ban will ban you from HL2DM but not CSGO. Neither will affect Rust.

How exactly do you “turn off VAC” ? you can turn off EAC, yes, but its the first time i heard about rust server being VAC enabled or disabled.

You can :

  1. disable the server antihack monitoring and enforcement, which is mainly no-clipping and speed/jump hack, via the violations.
    antihack.enabled True
  2. enable or disable with
    server.eac 1

But there doesnt seem to be anything to “disable VAC” as you say.

You can run the server in insecure mode, and that disables both EAC and VAC protection on the server.