tr_outback (Most ambitious train map yet!)


Map no longer under development by me, Source is released if anybody wants to continue.[/release]

Here’s the plan…


I have the track laid and got it working ingame, In total there’s 3.2 miles of track. I’ve calculated this using distance=speed*time… (2 minutes at 95mph if you must know).

I plan on keeping the ‘western’ theme, in the middle there will probably be a lake.


I’ll update the thread as the map progresses.

Also, the track is designed to handle trains at relatively high speeds. A train can go around all of the track at 125 mph without flipping or falling off without any downforce. I’ve gotten a train to go around it at 250 mph with downforce.

So, your plan is 2 boxes of UNSUPPORTED MEDIA?

Damn media tag, not supporting .gif…

hold on



Totally willing to help out.

Hey what software is that?

I didn’t actually create the layout it’s self, It’s one of their samples.

I love the skybox, good luck with this! :biggrin:

I vote for some giant gorge spanning bridges. If you do them, can I design them? It is kind of my thing.

I can’t wait.


This is pretty much the only ‘giant’ bridge.
The rest are just short bridges over another track.

I’ll actually probably put a waterfall in the map somewhere, so I’ll need another bridge for over that. I have no idea where it’s going yet though.

holy shit no posts from black ice!?, still sounds good.

Will you use propper for the train tracks? I sure hope so. D:

I think those curves are better off as func_details personally.

But yes, I will make use of propper for other things such as tunnel entrances and the bridges.


I want to build you a rape bridge!!

two decent upcoming train maps? wow!

I hope to see what you do with this, looks interesting.

are you kickin balls/ black-ice by any chance? he had a USSR obsession and a train obsession, just as it seems you do.

Jesus shit. Will I get this question to no end? No I am not Kickin Balls or Black Ice.

Take a look at my registration date and theirs. I think its clear.

I Lol’d at that so hard.

Those two are the same person. CdrStalin isn’t either of them.