How are simple colored gun tracers made? Just like red or blue or whatever. I know I can use those pre-made tracers form hl2, I’m just talking basic colored tracers.

Usually they are just firing entities that look like bullet tracers

They’re actually just effects. Some of them are coded into the engine, while others are written with Lua in gamemode/entities/effects/*

Check out m9k weapons, he made some addon tracers.

No he didnt.
He just made it do an AR2Impact on Callback.
Oh, and that muzzle break gas effect that really should only apply to rifles but fuck that let’s have a massive fucking muzzle flash on a tiny handgun

I could’ve sworn I saw different ones because the default ones glitch out sometimes ( I’d have to look up the bug I reported months ago about it )

My 2" snub-nose .357 Magnum revolver shoots a big fire-ball. But that’s due to the shortness of the barrel and the massive amounts of powder that can’t all burn in the time it takes the projectile to travel the 2".

On rifles you usually don’t get a muzzle-flash unless the barrel is hot, and with a muzzle-break/flash-hider it almost completely eliminates them. My HK P30 doesn’t shoot a fireball if I recall correctly, or at least not until it’s warmed up.

Thing is, the gas effect still comes out as if it were from a muzzle break.
Just kinda annoys me.
About tracers, what is this glitch?

So… He didn’t make tracers?

He made ricochet tracers. If you try to use a default tracer in a ricochet; it would always come from the muzzle. That was the previous bug, I’m not sure whether or not it has been fixed.

You are incorrect yet again.
Those ricochet tracers were made by Mad Cow.

When dealing with M9K, remember this:
It’s an amalgamation of Mad Cow’s bullet code, GDCW’s sights code, and SWEP Construction kit.

My bad, I always though he made them because of the names he gave the effects ( m9k_* ). Thanks for clearing it up for me.

But, the effects didn’t rely on using the muzzle position like some of the hard-coded ones meaning they could start at the location where they ricocheted off of.

lol, i found one.